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  1. Default sSnk tip or full sinking?

    I fish a river that is a mile wide and 2 to 6 foot deep. It is the susquhanna river in south central PA. Home of Bob Clouser. I fish for small mouth.
    At times i feel my fly is not getting far enough down in the water colum with a floating line.
    Should I go with a sink tip or a full sinker.
    I love the top water bite in the morning but after the sun is getting high in the sky I still use the floater. It seems I am not getting the fly down in the pockets of depper water. They seem to drift out of the areas I want to target, deeper water between ledges.
    I use either a 7 or 8 wt rod as large carp are always present and 18" smallies are not that uncommon.
    What line should I use for these deeper pockets with some flow.

    Thanks Brian

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    I'm not really sure, but I use sink tips. From what I've read full sinking lines are harder to manage. They'll sink, so after you retrieve you'll have a tougher time casting - the line will be under water - unless you're using a stripping basket. Also I don't think you can easily roll cast a full sinking line, so to cast a full sinking line you'll probably have to retrieve a lot of it.

    Full sinking lines, however, don't have hinges, so when you do retrieve they stay at the same level - great for stillwater fishing.

    I bet you if you call Rio lines they'll help you.


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    Default Re: sSnk tip or full sinking?

    As a general rule, sink-tips are for moving water, full-sinks are for still.
    The reasoning is that the floating part of the sink-tip can be mended, and in still water, a full-sink can be stripped without pulling the line toward the surface.
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    I use sink tips for smallies all the time. With a loop to loop connection, you can swap out when the bite changes without as much hassle of changing a full sinking line.

    In addition, I believe the shorter length provides just enough "sink" in the rivers around here (Upper Potomac, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, etc). I like the current to still be able to sweep the fly downstream without hanging back.

    I use the fast sinking model from Air Flow - they have other densities as well.

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    Default Re: sSnk tip or full sinking?

    For 6' deep moving water I would definitely go with the sink tip. line. Get yourself one of those looped sink tip sections & try that on the end of your floating line....

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    If your not fishing any deeper than 6' consider a sinking leader on a floating line. We have fished this set up with good success for years. I use a 7' furled sinking leader with 15" of tippet tied on with a neutral weight or weighted fly. It strips well maintaining its established depth and the connection between the leader and the fly line acts as a strike indicator.

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    I fish the same waters that you do...... and Bob Clouser.
    I've used sink, sink tip and floating. IMHO a floating line with a heavy leadeye fly will bounce the bottom and look just like a hellgramite.
    A sink or sink tip line will put the fly in the strike zone, but the fly will just hang there and not appeal to a bass.

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    If you want to target deeper water.Using a sink tip is great.You can also add some split shot or go to a heavier waited fly.

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