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  1. Default how do i fish these flies

    i got a couple clousers and some other minnow type flies the other day from orvis for bass fishing. im used to using foamies and poppers on bluegill though, how do i fish these lures to cath bass? im worried im either gonna strip too fast and scare fish or not strip fast enough and get snagged on the lake bottom. btw, in case you cant tell, im new to this stuff so bear with me here. thanks

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    OK, there are a couple things I do when useing these flies for bass or what ever. If I want to fish shallow I leave my floating line if I want to get deeper I put my spool with teh sink tip on, I even have an Orvis depth charge if I ever want to get real deep, I have never used it though, yet anyway. I let the fish tell me what they want, just like when useing crankbaits or spinner baits. Some days the fish want a fast eratic motion, other days they want it slow and some days they want it even slower, just play with diffrent ret. and let the fish tell you. One good methode I use is to let the fly settle a little then give it 2-3 very short fast strips like 1-2 inches, then let it settle again, then repet. I have done good with smallies in rivers useing a dead drift also.
    I know snagging and loosing flies or lures kinda sucks, but I have been told growing up by dad and grandad if ya aint getting snagged once in awhile ya aint fishing. As I am sure you know bass, crappie and other fish live in or close to cover 90per. of the time. Thats part of why I learnt to ty, its alot cheaper in teh long run, now if I could only learn to make bomber crankbaits lol

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    I'm guessing you're fishing near Dallas Or Houston, and thus are likely fishing ponds and lakes with lots of stuff to get hung on. Surface flies are the surest way to not get hung on underwater cover, but you're also not feeding fish how they generally want to eat. Fishing weedless flies will help somewhat, but you really are just going to have to lose some flies in the process. And don't worry about moving flies too fast and spooking fish. This time of year the cold, slow fish just on't be able to move themselves quick enough to it.

    Here's two things that should help: a tool and a trick. The Tool- Polarized glasses should help you see what's under the water and thus help you keep from getting hung up as much. The Trick- the Roll Cast Fly Retrieve. It goes like this: once you feel that you are hung, stop tugging. Pull extra line off your rod so that you can throw a roll cast where the loop lands beyond where you are hung, thus hopefully jerking the fly backwards out of what its stuck in. Try it multiple times if it doesn't work on the first go. Its not 100%, but it probably works the majority of the time.

    Oh yeah, here's my favorite solution: fish the rivers in the Hill Country that are shallow enough to where you can wade to the snag and free the fly yourself. Good Times, Good Times.

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    thanks for the advice guys. and fyi im in houston. ive known how to fly fish for a long time but im just gettin into it

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    a clouser as all may know by now is one of my fav flies! I will cast mine across the river and let it swing downstream to the target area while giving a strip/jerk then pause retrieve once its at the depth I want it to be. in still waters i do the same but since it can't swing cause there is no current I just strip/jerk the rod tip and pause and repeat and basically become that fly in my mind and swim swim swim until I get eaten! haha! they usually take it on the drop. oh and watch that fly line tip and use it as a indicator. watch the fly line and see the way it moves. when you retrieve it! then once you get that down you will notice if it acts weird or acts funny and darts or drops fast then you set the hook! I am a streamer fishing addict. I rather do this than nymph
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