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Thread: Another newbie

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    Just wanted to introduce myself. I grew up on Truman Lake in MO and have fished my whole life but just recently have started getting into fly fishing. Hopefully I'll be taking a class next January which should be fun. I've lurked for quite a while and will probably continue to do so since there's still plenty to learn...

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    Welcome Tele! Winter is a tough time to get into fly fishing, but if you keep practicing, you should be good and ready for the Spring.

    Do you also play a Telecaster, or is that just a coincidence?
    Anthony Laurence
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    Welcome Tele. I invite you to lurk all you want, but also ask questions and report successes and failures alike. There is an absolute wealth of knowledge around here and just as many people willing to help. You've found a great resource.

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    Welcome Tele! You sound like your on the right track with your plans for taking a class next month. In the meantime take a look at YouTube, there is a wealth of fly fishing information there. Just do a search on fly casting, fly fishing or anything else you want to learn about and don't hesitate to ask questions here, we have some great folks here that are more than willing to help out. You might also check around and see if there is a fly fishing club in your area or maybe a Trout Unlimited Chapter. Having a mentor to show you the way will vastly increase your fly fishing knowledge. Anyway good to have you on the forum and looking forward to your posts!


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    Welcome to the forum, Tele!

    Don't be shy about asking questions at any level. You'll get a lot more information that way, rather than waiting for someone to post something that's close to the question(s) that you have.

    We're all learning, it's just a matter of degree.


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    Here's a link that will provide a lot of info:

    harry murray podcast | Fly Fishing Podcasts with Harry Murray

    Welcome to the site and to smallies fly fishing.

    John (another lurker)

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    tele and john

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    Welcome Tele and John-- hope you guys make yourselves at home here-- and Tele, congrats on taking a course--- it'll be a great way to get going.

    Larry's (member "mcnerney") suggestion is a good one about finding a club in your area. In addition to Trout Unlimited, the Federation of Fly Fishers has affiliated clubs all over the US. Both local TU chapters and the FFF affiliated clubs are great to get up to speed--- casting clinics, tying classes informative meetings and group trips to local waters as well as the opportunity to help support conservation efforts. You can do searches here:

    for local TU chapters: Council/Chapter Contacts | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    and here

    for local FFF affiliated clubs: Locate a Club

    Keep us posted on your progress, browse through some of the FAQs old threads --- and ask tons of questions.

    And John-- glad you jumped in here.

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    Hey ant, no coincedence on the name, my #1 is a Telecaster Deluxe. I'm a better guitar player than a fisherman but that might not be saying much... I know the winter probably isn't the best time to start so I'm also going to start tying this winter. I got a cheap tying set many years ago but never did much with it other than dabble here and there, which led nowhere since I didn't really have a goal or knowledge of how to get from point A to point B. Hopefully between the forums and the class some of that will get filled in.

    Thanks all for the links, I'll have to check them out.

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    Truman is an Incredible fish lake but really tough on the fly due to the clarity. If you can throw a fly that can cause a commotion you can really catch some good fish. The largemouth and crappie fishing is stellar. The whites can be awesome especially around the dam and flats. If you want something bigger look at the stripers around KK island. There are also a lot of hybrids that bust up in the timber on the Tebow arm. If you have any questions about truman, which i'm sure you probably dont, but do not be afraid to pm me as I also grew up on the lake.

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