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  1. Default Peacock bass in Colombia

    Hi I came back from this fishing trip a few days ago.

    That in the Tomo river a tributtary of the Ornoco.
    Peacocks on #8 , floating and sinking tip. 16 and 8 pounder among many others
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    Default Re: Peacock bass in Colombia

    Armando: Nice photos, looks like you had a very sucessfull fishing trip. Congrats!


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    Default Re: Peacock bass in Colombia

    Very nice fish, looks like you had a great trip.
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    DUDE! Thats awesome man! Congrats

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    Gratz!! Nice peacocks!
    Weren't the rivers very high?

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    Not at all, as a matter of fact thay are still drying.
    Orinoco bassin has the dry season from November to April, right now theres some raining but still no the stormy season.

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    Default Re: Peacock bass in Colombia

    Hi Amando,

    Thanks for the Pictures. How about a run down of the gear an flies you used on the trip. It would be especially interesting to me about your line leader setup.


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    Hi Frank

    As I told you before used and always do #8 9" fast action rods, this case TICR TFOs
    Reels, Redington RS2 9/10, old Redington large arbor 9/10 a Cabelas Deschutes III light enough and an Orvis IV large arbor battenkill.
    Lines a Rio 250 grains sink tip, Scientific anglers floating saltwater tapper and a good surprise a #9 gold cup line that for the price casts as good as any other floating line.
    The flies 3/0 Deceivers in black, chartreuse, white and yellow
    Loud Pencil Poppers 3/0 hooks plain white (thats all I use)
    Ep flies or simillar on 3/0 to 5/0 hooks (as long as they are strong, thin and with wide gaps). This I tie pretty large and flashy using mega mushy, silver, pearl and black, silver and green, plain black or gold and black.

    The leader, this I now keep very simple. I use a nailless knot making a loop in the line before I secure it with a 40 pound nylon and a surgeons loop on the end (just to change leaders easily). Then I connect this short piece to a 30 pound or 20 pound nylon with a Bimini twist on each side or a surgeons loop on one side and the bimini on the other. Finally I always use 40 pound shock tippet connected to the bimini by a surgeons loop.
    All this parts will sum up for 9" more or less.
    But if I am fishing with a sinking tip or sinking line I will shorten the whole thing to 4" or 6".

    This species are not leader shy.
    The 40 pound shock is enough for the peacocks teeth which are pretty similar to those snook have. After some fish I cut the damaged part and tye the fly again. If payara or any other big wild fish appears the 40 shock tippet will also handle it with ease, but if piranhas or cachamas (this look like piranhas but bigger, up to 40 pounds with crushing teeth instead) show up then you can kiss good bye your fly.
    Cachamas are superb game fish not easy to entice but when they want to strike they do and believe me they are very strong fighters, not jumpers they are runners. When they show up I use 20 pound steelon.

    If lots of piranhas are striking dont bother to change the tippet, change the fishing spot you might get a peacock but they wont lent you fight it and all you are probably going to get is its head.

    Ill post some fly pics

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    Some of the flies I use, put them on the Griffin patriot cam for proportions.
    They tend to be large with big profiles but light enough to be cast long distances. I always glue big eyes on them.

    This is a variation of adeceiver with hackles tied to a mono.

    The same variation in white and chartreuse wet so that you can see its profile

    Ep kind of fly, in silver, pearl and green mushy fibers and some kinki hair as abdomen. This are total winners

    Not the best of pics but to give you an idea.

    Best regards
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    Huh?? thats funny those arent my fly pics, what happened??

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