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    I fished Lake Fork on Saturday. The cold front last Wednesday has pushed most of the fish back off their beds again (second time in 2 weeks), but I managed to hook 6 bass, and got 3 to the boat. I had a very good fish up to the boat,(7-8 lbs) and she got off with a head shake. I probably didn't have the hook set good enough. All the hits came on a bream colored Zonker type fly with the barred rabbit strip in chartreuse, olive and black bars. Overall a very nice day with Rob Woodruff.
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    Nice report and nice fish. I need to get out with Rob for a day on Lake Fork myself.

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    Well done man! You're in expert hands with Woodruff.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks guys. Yes, Rob Woodruff is the consummate pro. His advice is great, and he doesn't laugh when I really mess up a cast. His biggest compliment to me was that when I made a mistake, I knew what I did wrong without having to be told, and could correct it myself, but then 5 minutes later I would make the same mistake again. LOL. Just need to practice more.

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    Nice work and great photos, way to go!


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    This is Rob's fly that we caught these most of the fish on. It was very successfu.
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    I do not have aboat, can Lake fork be fished from the bank?
    If so any special place to go

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    Lake Fork is huge, and most of the land around it is private. It would be very difficult to fish without a boat. I would stick to smaller bodies of water, even if you have a float tube or pontoon, I think that is just too big of a piece of water. You will have better choices.

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