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    I have a Grumman Sportboat and this year on my lakes system I am going to fish out of it more. I am thinking of getting a 9ft 6 inch 7 weight as it can get a little windy and the extra length should get me a little more distance and I can control the line better since I will be closer to the water. Same concept as in a float tube rod. Smallies can vary in size but some can be wopper territory over 20 inch.

    Any input?

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    Default Re: Smallie rod for canoe fishing

    Long rods are better from the canoe but they make the netting project a little harder because the rod is nearly as long as the boat. The best case scenario is when you can sneak into a spot that is loaded with bass and get that boat anchored so it is not drifting on you. Then short casts using the long rod are a dream. I fished for them on the West Branch of The Susquehanna River for years. Fly fishing from a canoe is not my favorite but the boat often can put you on a gravel bar or a small island that you couldn't wade to and for this virtue I appreciate them. The biggest challenge is to find the fly that they will hammer as if it were a live lip hooked shiner.

    I had good luck using McNally Magnums. Any fly with long trailing saddle hackle that would undulate and swim like a snake on a slow jigging retrieve was good. On the rare occasion when I would hit a giant brown drake hatch on the upper river near the mouth of Big Pine Creek I caught a lot of surface feeders on a big fat Grey fox variant.


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    All my SMB fishing has been wading the Potomac,Patapsco and the Susquehanna rivers.Never canoed those places but I do quite a bit of LMB fishing from a canoe now.I really prefer a rod from 8' to 9' and no longer.Casts out to 50' are easy with an 8' rod and fish are much easier to land.Long casts are not necessary for SMB,especially from a boat.I guess everyone has their preference but I find the 8' to 9' rods the best for me.

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