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Thread: Crappie Fishin

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    Hey y'all,

    It's been a while since I posted anything. haha Been real busy trying to get caught up after spring break...

    Anyway, I have a couple buddies here that know of a good crappie spot close here, but the water is still kind of cold. SO... I was wondering what kind of flies to take to get them babies! I have been having really good luck with a brown popper with a piece of fluorocarbon on the hook with a bead head pheasant tail nymph. It has been the only thing that I have caught anything on so far this year. I'm using the popper for a strike indicator until I can actually get to a fly shop to buy some.. lol But I have actually had some luck with the popper by itself too. Brown just seems to be working like magic here this time of year!!!

    Sorry, that was pretty irrelevant to the topic. lol Anyway, if you all could help me out with figuring out which flies to use, I think that my buddy has a spot where they bite good.... But I do not know where this place is, so I can't give a good explaination of what it looks like, unfortunately...

    Thanks for any help, if you can read through my gibberish.

    Thanks again y'all,

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    If what you have been using is producing then keep using it until it no longer does.

    Most any nymph, wet fly, wooly worm, should work. I would give a smaller white wooly bugger a try, crappie like small minnows.

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    Cool. I have been using that nymph for bluegill and a couple bass caught onto it as well. But I haven't ever fished for crappie before. So thank you!


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    Another thought....I don't know how neccessary 'Fluoro' is for the situation, I would just use regular mono tippet material and save the expensive stuff for a time it may be more prudent.

    Just my .02 worth.

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    Thanks, I just picked up some old fluorocarbon that my great uncle left me with. lol
    It was free, about half a spool of it. I won't use it for anything else, and it makes a pretty good presentation. Can hardly see the line between the popper and nymph. lol


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    For carppie try a white or yellow woolybugger about 1-2foot below a strike indacater, cast to to cover and let it set, jiggle your rod just enough to make the float bob around, kinda like fishing a crappie jig under a float.

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    If the crappie are shallow, in the top 3 ft of the water column, your system will work great. I would use white, yellow, or chartreuse wooly buggers, in small sizes. You may want to get some wire crappie hooks (have a wider gap) and tie a few on them. If they are deeper, you can use a bead head bugger or a very small clouser without a popper or strike indicator (I love how fly fishermen refuse to admit that they are fishing under a cork) and just strip the fly back. Even with a floating line, you can get down to 6-8 feet if you have a long leader. Deeper than that and you will need a sinking tip line. Good luck.


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    Default Re: Crappie Fishin

    I've simply been nailing the crappie at the local lake! Once I find them, Wooly Buggers are reliable producers:

    That's a 3.5" spool and a 6wt rod, so it's a big crappie ! They've all been
    big and feisty for the past couple weeks.

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    the best is when crappies nail floating spiders. almost as fun as bass. but unlike bass, crappies are delicious

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    Is there a power plant near that lake. That is a "big" crappie.

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