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    Hello, i'm a newbie to this site, been fishing quite awhile with bass gear and have just started fishing with fly rods in the last 6 months or so. I have a lot to learn but hope to pick up some good information here on what to use in most cases on large bodies of water and rivers alike.

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    I like your handle. Welcome to the group, you will get a lot of good info here, a very good group of people.

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    Welcome aboard!

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    I too am a newby to this site and fly fishing in general. I am looking to get started this year on panfish . I have a 7'6" 5/6 weight rod to start. It is admittedly a pack rod that does double duty as a spinning rod but it is what my wife has allowed for now.

    I hope to learn alot hear from you geneous fellow fisherman and look foward to sharing many good stories of my own over time.

    Thanks in advance for helping out us new guys to the site and good luck to all on or in the waters this year.

    Chef CJ

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    Well I'd like to welcome both of you to the forum. Please let us know how we can help!!!

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    Newby myself here. I have been reading a lot of the post, it looks like a great group. I have already learned a lot!

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    Don't be afraid to ask any type of questions we are here to help you out. May even be able to get you into some of these.

    So if you have any questions just speak out. We'll answer.

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