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Thread: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

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    Default Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    Answer: Summer evenings with a hopper in the water... 'twas a good night, indeed....

    I was 3 beers in before I thought about doing some tying. I love hoppers:
    A. Because they are so much fun to fish, and
    B. Because you can really play with different patterns.

    I typically have been a Joe's or Dave's hopper tyer, but recently started with foam (foam, period, not just hopper patterns...)

    A closer view-- any suggestions?

    Mods-- feel free to move to appropriate forum if not this one.
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    Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    Nice Raindog. That's neat the way that you ran the hook through the body and tied it below the shank. Is that your pattern? I'm guessing yes.
    Those foam hoppers fish great, huh. They just float all day. I got a bunch of old timers fishing them last summer.

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    Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    I've found a pattern similar to this online and they really are the bees knees when it comes to hoppers. they never sink and very easy to float another fly under. plus easy to tie and quick, the longest part for me is cutting out the foam.

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    Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    Yeah, cutting the foam takes longer than the tie....

    I'm new to foam hoppers-- you say they never sink, but how do they 'ride'? I have a feeling they won't sit naturally.... Either sit too high or something...

    We'll see if the fish like them....

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    Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    Ever fished a Chernobyl Ant in off-colored water after a rain; when everyone else thinks that the stream's blown out? I'd say they float just fine.

    A lot of the older hopper patterns were developed before foam was available as a fly tying material. Most of the people here in the Poconos use foam ants, crickets, hoppers, beetles all the time; and this is a relatively "traditional" area, as far as fly fishing patterns go; a lot of Catskill influence still evident (same mountains / same streams; just two different states: Catskills = NY / Poconos = PA)

    Here's a bit of trivia for you. Pocono comes from the Lenape Indian word Poco-hanne; which generally translates into "a stream between two mountains". If you've ever seen the Delaware Water Gap from the East, then you'll know how the name arose.



  6. Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    Nice looking hoppers. I especially like the one with the red band around it.
    You can find foam body cutters here to make you foam dealing much easier.
    JS Fly Fishing: Rod Building, Fly Tying: Wing & Body Cutters

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    Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    they floated good for me. I fished them exclusively in still water because here in KC we don't have great access to moving water. The only thing I had a problem with was if I diudn't glue the hook the foam would twist, meaning the hook point was not straight down. Yours look really good, better than mine though, under the swap section I did a foam black nighttime one similar to these but added some hackle.

    OH yeah, GO CHIEFS!!!

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    Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    I know what you mean about the foam twisting a little. It eats up a ton of thread, But to keep the foam a little more 'true' I use a double or triple thread base (wrap the base of the hook two or three times.) before applying any materials. Also, when Tying it on, I noticed that a few wraps to position it, and then a final FIRM wrap will hold it fairly solid. I am new to foam (just started using it last year-- and I really only tie this time of year-- so I've done a dozen flies with foam total....) so I don't claim to be a definitive source, but I've noticed those few things. Lots of thread base, and it doesn't take many wraps to keep the foam in place. Also-- I'm using 140 denier thread. I can really put some pressure on it.

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    There is nothing better than Hopper fishing. I have a box dedicated to nothing but hopper patterns. Yours look awesome, I'm sure the fish will be all over them!

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    Default Re: Guess what I'm dreaming of?

    Nice beasts Dogshould tie some and test them on big chub in summer

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