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    Default Fly Presentation on Pan Fish

    How do you all fish your sinking flies for pan fish. Poppers and dries are pretty simple. I have found that I just do a shoirt castr and raise trhe tip. When I hit the end I cast again and repeat the process. I tried different stripping rechniques ands just do not do as well.

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    Usally on sinking flies I do a very slow falling fly with a very slow retrive. I will just let the fly sink slow and not strip at all for up to 15-30 seconds, then do a short strip and let it settle again for 15-30 sec. . I have found some pretty good wet's for bream but black or black and white with rubber legs seem t odo teh best for me. olive damsel and dragon fly nymphs work great at times as well.

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    I need to find some "slow" sinking flies with rubber leggs. Have any idea where to get them online.

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    I actually just used a size 10 marabou muddler with a small cone head in white yesterday for panfish ad it was a blast to cast out and strip back slowly. I bet 95% of the time I hooked into a bluegill, sunfish or crappie.
    Give it a try.
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    Default Re: Fly Presentation on Pan Fish

    Tracker, do a google search for the pattern you want...Also take a look at your local W-Mart, they may have what you want.


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    I use beadhead Wooly Buggers or nymphs in size 8 to 12. I use a small "football" strike indicator anywhere from 18 inches to 6 feet above the fly, depending on water depth, time of year, etc.

    I cast the fly, then fish EXACTLY like the indicator was a foam spider or small popper. I let is sit 30 seconds, then give it the slightest twitch. Then I twitch/pause/twitch in varying time, but never move the indicator more than a few inches at a time. I usually get a hit during a pause between the second and third twitch.
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    I like fishing for tiny natives and panfish in small side channels that break off from the main stem. Sometimes you can find tiny riffles that run into tiny pools, and I get a lot of micro action in spots like this.

    I'll just cast beadhead nymphs that range from #12 to #18 upstream into the riffle and let them run into the 8" deep "pool" and wait for the little hunters to strike.

    This smallmouth here is definitely a virgin from a spot just how I described, caught on the south fork of the Elkhorn Creek near Midway, Kentucky. That's on a 1wt with 7x tippet. And I'm sure I was the only one fishing that set up in the Commonwealth of Kentucky on that day.
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