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Thread: This past weekend

  1. Default This past weekend

    Thought I would share a few pics of my visit to my parent's house.

    3.75 & 4+lb bass (plus a bunch of other bass and tons of blue gills, too) on my Scott 3wt. sure were fun

    Getting my daughter started young too

  2. Default Re: This past weekend

    nice fish! bass put up a pretty good fight on my 5wt. can't wait to try to get some on my 3wt!
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    The 3 wt. sure is fun even for the little fish. I and I really like catching 1-2lb bass on my 3 wt., I wasn't even expecting to get a 4 pounder much less 2 of them. Both of these went to the reel right away. I have put fish on my reel before, but only so I can learn how to do it effectively, I never really had a fish take it the reel itself. Both of these did right away so I knew I had something big on there and was actually afraid of losing them.

    Anyway, I fought the first one for what seemed like forever, he'd take line out, I reel him in, he'd go out again. I was able to control the direction he was going, though so that made it easier to get him out of the water. If my dad hadn't been there I am not sure how long it would have taken to get him out of the water or if I even could. I was able to pull close enough to shore to have my dad grab him. My fly wasn't eaten or anything, just right where it should be, in the lip and came right out.

    My dad gave me a stringer so we can do a photo-op when my wife and mom could get their cameras, so I put him back in the water after my dad measured and weighed him. (3.75lb and 18in).

    Not 5-10 minutes later, WHAM line taken to the reel and I started it all over again. I could tell this one was fighting a bit harder than the other and it took a bit longer to bring in. I told my dad I needed his help again and I could tell he was just as excited as I was. This one was a bit longer and heavier (4+lb and 20in) but you sure can tell the difference in 1/4-pounds and 2-inches.

    I had caught a few 1-2 pounders before all this so I wasn't keeping them since I've caught so many, but I bet they would have made some nice additions to my stringer as well so I kept one more (the smallest one). After these three bass, a cold front moved in and only blue gill were biting so I didn't add anymore bass to the line.

    After the photo-op, all fish were released relatively unharmed and swam away as soon as we let them go. I will post a picture of the fly I used when I get home from work tonight. I used only 2 flies all weekend. The first one I lost when I was pulling a 2.5 pounder out of the water and the line snapped right there. The second one lasted the rest of the weekend, despite tree- and stick-fish.

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    awesome! glad ya had fun. I did notice you had them on the stringer. wasn't sure if you took them home for eatin. haha. I never tried to eat bass before. only perch. just think now that 4 pounder might get 8 pounds one day!
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    Default Re: This past weekend

    You parent's have a pond in the backyard? Excellent!!!!! Nice fish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
    You parent's have a pond in the backyard? Excellent!!!!! Nice fish!
    Actually they have two 10-acre lakes adjacent to their property and a 3rd diagonal from it, quite nice actually, its a shame they live 3.5 hours away.

    I remember to take my fishing stuff every time I visit

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    Sorry for the delay,

    here is the fly I caught everything on.

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    Default Re: This past weekend

    Well done man! I fish lots of flies that look like that for the same species as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    VEY nice fish. I'm practically turning green in my ski.LOL. As for the fly, my first reaction was OOOO.....PRETTY......JK It really is nice. Mind sharin' the pattern?
    I like organic chicken..... The kind with the capes still on 'em

  10. Default Re: This past weekend

    nice fly! is it a damsel fly or dragonfly nymph??
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

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