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  1. Default betts panfish flies.... killer!!!!

    anyone fish with betts poppers?
    i was very pleased with the fat gnat.
    i caught 3 bass and 2 sunfish on it in just a little while.
    i was very pleased on how easy it was to work.
    (i reccomend not popping it if your just fishing for bream)
    but popping it was great for bass.

  2. Default Re: betts panfish flies.... killer!!!!

    Don't use their poppers, but I do have a lot of other flies from Bett's. Seems to me my most productive wooly buggers came from Betts when I first started fly fishing.

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    Default Re: betts panfish flies.... killer!!!!

    I use the smallest popper that Betts make as my dropper fly then tie a short leader to a small beaded fly. Works great.

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