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  1. Default 5/12 small and large!

    went to the v today in seach of smallies. ended up getting one on that lake erie shiner congo hair clouser I made the other day. it was a nice size one that put up a decent fight! thats all the smallies i got for the day tho. hit the pond and got 4 largemouth and a couple gills using the same shiner pattern. here is a few pix of the day
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    Default Re: 5/12 small and large!

    McFly: Congrats, nice looking fish!


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    thanks man! those lake run smallies are no joke! was walking and saw this one come from a log next to the bank and swim to the middle of the river next to a pile of rocks. well I slowly waded and got within castin distance. casted 3 casts and 3rd times the charm! this smallie chased down my clouser from at elats 10 feet away and slammed as I was retrieving it for another cast. I seen it so i set the hook and the fight was on! jumped a couple times took me to the reel and took some drag and 3 mins later I was rewarded with a pic! the largemouths in the pond don't fight as hard as the smallies but are still fun to catch tho.
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

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