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    On fly came yesterday. Water in the lake was muddy and fish we're not hitting anything. Heck even blues/suns we're wern't giving much action. There was a few frogs on shore but that was about the most action I had seen in like 2 hours. So I switch to my fly rod and start flying some little hairy deer hair color fly (no idea what it is, bought it a few years ago but looked close to this:

    but it has a much more thicker colar) Anyway I was flying this fly and was not getting anything. So I started doing what I call as "Feeding Frezny". I take the fly and set it down in the same general spot 20 to 30 times without leaving it sit for more then say 2 seconds at a time. Doing this in my mind creates a bug fest on top of the water. Well while doing my "Feeding Frenzy" I start to see a few "very small" swirls around the general area I was teasing with the fly. I then fly it and let it sit for a total of maybe 5 seconds and bam I got one on. A decent one at that. I fight it in and it is a large mouth that weighs roughly 2 1/2 to 3lbs. This is my biggest fish todate on a fly rod. It was such an adrenaline rush that for the next 20 minutes I could not land the fly on the water right for nothing. Getting dark so we packed up and left.

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    COOL! Chumming with artificials. Love it!
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