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    Default Bluegill Bully's Review

    I purchased a bunch of different colors of the Bluegill Bully fly at the recommendation of this board. I have to say this is the best bait of any kind I have used for pan fish bar none. Olive and yellow seems to be the most productive. Last night I recorded the 65th fish on one fly that I fished as a dropper off of a small popper. The fly not only catches fish but is extremely durable. Most of the fish inhale the fly and I have to ruff it out which attests to the durability. I will be curious if this fly continues to work as the summer comes along and water temps climb.

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    Default Re: Bluegill Bully's Review

    Hi Tracker12,

    Is your flies the same as the Bluegill Bully's Spider?

    Take a look at the Pan Fish Spider I cam across looking for the Bully. I like it.


    Bluegill Bully's Spider.

    Pan Fish Spider

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    That is one in the same. Bought them from them.

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    This is good to hear. I've tied a few of these up recently, but hadn't considered fishing them under a popper. I'm anxious to get them out on the water.

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    I use a Betts popper and then run a dropper about 18" off of that. Just cast it out and let the Bully sink. Strip and let it sink. Usually if i do not get a hit by this time I cast it again to another spot working thbank or area of cover. 98% of the time they hit it when it hits the water or soon after.

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