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    Default More than one way to work a stream:

    More than one way to work a stream:

    It occurred to me that there are different ways for me to fish one small river I trek often for smallies. I have been doing this for a while and didn’t even think about it until I read a post (on another board) about how to approach a new stream…
    First, I basically fish a 4 wt or an 8 wt. Not too much in between simply because I have been broke and got rid of my 6 wt because I used it the least.
    So I will hit this water with the 4 wt and appropriate flies: Foam spiders, wooly worms (they do very well on this stream and out-fish buggers) small light crystal minnows, larger (size 10 – 6) nymphs, small popping bugs etc… My presentation is usually finesse and slow, shaking the rod for action on topwater instead of popping them. I will cast to a tail out (or in) and drift a fly. I catch some beautiful sunfish, rock bass and many smallies in the 10 to 16 inch range and occasionally get a much larger 19+ incher. (yes a 4 wt can handle that and not ware out the fish too much)

    Then there are days when I take the 8 wt and fish the exact same water. Start with a large 2 – 1/0 deer hair popper or diver, large foam frog like thing, hair jigs, bead head wooly buggers, clousers, large crayfish imitations or something similar on the bottom, even some deceivers and seaducers – big baitfish imitations…
    Lots of casting and stripping. Fast retrieves. No finesse, smacking the water hard with the fly to let those bass know it’s there. I’d call it hard core smallie fishing.
    Only finesse is with crayfish patters fished super slow on the bottom.
    I catch no sunfish (not that they don’t try, just can’t get the hook in their mouth). A few rock bass, and about the same amount of smallies. Sometimes I’ll catch larger fish in the 16 – 19 inch range with occasional 20+… but it’s still about the same amount of fish.

    It just seems interesting to me that you can catch the same fish with a variety of fishing styles. Lots of fun to switch it up now and then.

    And no I don’t catch 19-inch smallies every time out. Maybe 2-4 times a year, but they are in there and it is possible every time the fly hits the water and that thought makes it very exciting. But no matter how I fish it, it’s always fun.

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    I think this is a great take on warmwater fishing. I often fish small patterns just to get into a bunch of fish. When I spend the time to use large streamers or poppers I tend to land less fish - but the payoff is the size.

    Do you use a floating line when you fish with the 8 wt?
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