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  1. Default a mouse for bass

    gonna try this pattern on pond largemouth and river smallies. posted the recipes video on the fly pattern section. think it will work good for bass? simple to tie. its a 5 to 10 min job! rubber legs, foam and deer hair.
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    Default Re: a mouse for bass

    Looks good! I'm always on the lookout for new bass bug patterns. I find most mouse patterns a lot of work to tie, but this one looks quick and easy
    And just in time for our local bass season opener!


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    Default Re: a mouse for bass

    That should work well. I use mouse patterns in weed mess and lily pads pop it along the top and some large LM bass should pop up for it.

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    Default Re: a mouse for bass

    I also think it looks pretty great, and nice and easy. Only thing I would do different is just use a normal rubber band for the tail. Should be a little easier and look more realistic.

    I'll check out the video and likely tie some up.

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    Default Re: a mouse for bass

    Nice fly!

    I might be copying that one. I like easy ties.

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    Default Re: a mouse for bass

    I agree with Big for the tail again...try it on trout too(I saw a german angler catching a 10 pound bow on a mouse)

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    Default Re: a mouse for bass

    Is that tied on a stainless steel hook ???

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    Easy ties for bass are great. I find that the bass rip my flies apart quick. I also tend to hook into a pike or two when fishing for bass and they destroy flies so I like easy and quick ties.
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  9. Default Re: a mouse for bass

    ya this is easy to tie. never messed with deer hair or weed guards till that fly and If I can do it anyone can.. haha. I used it today for largemouth in a pond and caught a few smaller bass and even some gills. only fished it 40 mins tho then I hit the river and even had a river smallie take a swipe at it but somehow I missed it! he was a beast!!! the just bass loved this fly and so did I! it casts far even with a 5wt and does not twist up your leader. the tail caught the hook a couple times but thats about the only con I seen to it. it also floated forever! I will try that tail. also a tail of pink chenille like joni's mouse would be killer on it. that mouses tial wiggles like a champ! the rubber leg tail worked decent tho. it wiggled some. here is a pic of a lil bass I got on it. how would you guys fish this pattern? like small strip strip strips? or a strip pause a few seconds strip pause??? I switched up my retrieves all day but still wasn't sure what was better.
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    Default Re: a mouse for bass

    I move my mouse with a constant one inch pull. It is very slow and seems to get good reactions. Pike and muskie love them.

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