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Thread: Shad CAM

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    Turned off due to runoff

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    Its back on ! Unfortunately the first fish I see is the nasty Lamprey!
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    Quote Originally Posted by badfish creek View Post
    This is the CAM at the Bosher's Dam VA. It updates every 10 seconds or so. Lots of shad working their way up river from the ocean right now.

    Shad Cam at Bosher's Dam
    Thanks for sharing this awesome cam.

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    I've been watching that shad cam for many years when the shad are running. Late night seems to be the best time. Some very interesting fish moving thru there then! When I was tying flies commercially, which I gave up about 10 years ago, I often sat & tied late at night, so would watch the cam as I tied.

    As near as I can recall, I've seen both American & Hickory shad, gizzard shad, bullhead catfish, channel cats, lampreys & American eels, White & Yellow perch, Crappies, some small LM bass, Striped Bass, and a few other catfish that I'm not positive about the exact species.

    Very cool to watch!
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    On another site (when I was back in PA) we used to have an on-line "fishing contest" with the Shad Cam... gotta be quick, take a screen shot just when they move thru, and then crop & paste to the site. Goofy fun.

    By the way, Lamprey are native to most east coast waterways. The fingerlings were highly sought after for use as tipping a Junebug Spinner rig for walleye.

    Skunked so far!

    Update: Scratch the above, you can just right click on the image and cut n paste the info to IMG.

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    I'll play, though I think they named the cam wrong!

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    Lamprey, on the move!

    Some of the Lehigh Valley's beloved trout streams are loaded with spawning Lamprey in early/mid May.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Wow, NIGHT time really is LAMPREY time!


    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    I love these cameras that allow you to see underwater like this.

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