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    Default Underwater "Salm Cam"

    During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, the ARL Fishcam is located in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, in the St. Marys River. The camera is positioned on the output side of the Edison Sault Electric power generation building, on the east side of the hydro plant, immediately downstream from LSSU's ARL hatchery.

    Lake Superior State University :: Aquatic Research Laboratory :: ARL Fishcam (Live Streaming Video!)
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    Default Re: Underwater "Salm Cam"

    boreal: Thanks for posting that link, that was pretty cool watching the fish swim by.


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    Default Re: Underwater "Salm Cam"

    This is a very good one in Norway. Salmon spawning on here in the last few days. River Suldal.

    DIREKTE: Laksen live fra Suldalslågen - Laksen live - Nyheter - VGTV

    (sorry about adverts!)

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    the St. Mary's river cam you mentioned is fantastic! I watch it during our breaks or when I finish my labs in my computer classes all semester. Thanks for the link. I hope more people check it out. They take it down in the winter I guess.
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    This is good one, appreciate...

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