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    Default Hobart Reservoir

    Tried to get up to Hobart yesterday, but with all the private drives could not access it off Franktown. Heard it was a nice place to take kids, but the trailhead is a 4 mile hike off lakewood and the access off Ash Canyon past the water tanks is a steep and washed out. Ended up turning around but am guessing I was within a mile or so of the reservoir when I did.

    Didn't want to tank a chance of something happening and nobody knowing where I was.

    anyone know of an easier way to get there?


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    Default Re: Hobart Reservoir

    This map may help. There should be a road up Spooner Lake that runs up to the campground up there.
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    Default Re: Hobart Reservoir


    Buddy says I had the right entrance point off ash canyon, but i took the wrong fork at the tanks. Says to go straight up vice bearing left. He took his full size chevy up there, and I gotta tell you he didn't do it on the trail I had my jeep on.


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