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    Default Fly Fishing Film Tour 2011

    The F3T is in your state tonight. I went here in Boise on Friday and really enjoyed it. About two hours-just enough- and lots of free stuff! Good deal for the ticket price!

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour 2011

    Worth going to, but it was a little salt water heavy.

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour 2011

    Hitting it tomorrow night in SLC.

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour 2011

    Hit the tour on Wednesday with fellow forum members Cromney, Kinger, and our wives, and had some great Mexican Food @ The Red Iguana before the show. I don't think Clint will ever follow my lead again when ordering.(sorry about the tastebuds Buddy!).

    I agree, the show this year was just a bit heavy on the salt, but folks in areas closer to salt water will probably enjoy the heck out of it. (not that I didn't, I'm just sayin' ).
    I must say the giant 40# Redfish in Louisiana were freakin' awesome! And the Musky show from Northern Wisconsin will put a smile on anyone's face, the guy is so funny that I doubt anyone would not have a great time fishing with him. Both places are now on my Bucket List.

    Mrs Fysh was kinda bummed there wasn't more Trout and Steelhead action and I offered her this explanation. I figure the reason it was heavily salted was probably because of a lack of good Trout/Steelhead dvd's entering the market this year. I'm sure in order to make the film tour a success you gotta take the best of what your offered....and this year it's saltwater action.

    Mrs Fysh and I will continue the tradition and hit the show every year. Nothing like good fishporn.

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