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    Default thinking of trying something different


    Looks like I have coverage this weekend so have the opportunity to get out and fish a bit. My CA and NV licenses are both good, so I was thinking maybe:

    Break in my new float tube on Lake Davis over by camp 5.


    Try to get to Hobart again for some brookies


    Any suggestions - or anyone else looking to fish Saturday morning that wants to meet up somewhere?

    I'm gonna check with my buddy accross the street if I see him tomorrow, but I was thinking I wanted to try someplace different - I usually fish the Truckee out near mayberry park, or east of lockwood, and I do ok at these spots but have a hankering for some new waters or new tactics

    I have fished at rock and fisherman's park but FP is kinda nasty and I am never comfortable parking my jeep there. Not too many fish at RP due to the recent construction out there.

    So I am looking for suggestions, someone wanting to join up, or someone willing to recommend a new spot or two (pm if your recommending, don't mind a few folks, but wouldn't want to be responsible for ruining a good spot by too many people hitting it).



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    Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    Well, looks like my buddy and I will be heading up to Lake Davis tomorrow morning.

    Gonna try out our new float tubes - this should be fun never tubed before.

    Should be on the water about 6:30 if anyone wants to join up.

    I can swim ok, and I have fins, but with waders on do you think we should take and wear LPs?

    does not seem to be anything that holds me in my U-shaped tube and I would hate to slip out.

    what do you usually do?


  3. Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    PFD's are the law here. You don't have to wear one, but you have the have one with you.
    Coast Guard thing. Also a whistle.
    I recommend you do have a PFD on board, I am betting it is the law there also.

    Oh, on rivers, you must have one ON.

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    Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    Thanks Joni,

    I have a whistle on my lanyard, but I am going to take and wear the PFD as well. Better safe then sorry as they say.


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    Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    Hi webrx,

    Lake fishing from a tube is pretty safe. You want to have a tube with at least two compartments. With a float tube that could be the tube and a backrest. You just want something to hang on to if the main flotation goes flat. With a float tube a around the waist PFD is handy. If you don't want to wear it have it tethered to you with a strong rope. The chances of a float tube going flat rapidly is not very high. Even if you hook it. You will have time to gather your wits and deploy your PFD.

    With a U Tube there should be a bar across the front to keep the ends apart. Even if you slipped forward out of the seat you will have the bar or stripping apron to grasp hold of. As with anything associated with water, don't panic.

    Doesn't your seat have a strap that goes up between your legs so you can't slide forward very easily? If it doesn't have a between the legs strap you might consider adding something. I always felt very comfortable and safe in a float tube. Once you get use to it I think your concerns will diminish.


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    Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    Thanks for the input Joni and Frank. I did have a blast today, only hooked 2 and landed 1, but that is probably because we fished a side of the lake I have never fished before and was basically just casting in a fan pattern hoping to hook into something. there were only 4 other fisher folk besides me in the area we fished today, one of them landed 4, one landed 1 and the others caught none so I don't feel too bad.

    The stripping apron has velcro on the front edges and clips on the back edges and held me in well. I have an U-boat which does not have a bar in the front, it uses straps to keep the tubes apart and it worked great. my fanny did slip forward a couple times, just a little, but not an issue, and no concerns on sinking - two tubes - the main and the headrest. I did take and wear my PFD for most of the day, clipped it next to me for the last hour when it got warmer and I felt more comfortable on the tube. I want to take my pontoon out now and see how it does with fins, the first time I took it to a little pond and did not have fins yet.

    I really like the tube, it fits in my jeep, inflates quickly, was very stable and I was even able to kick against about a 10 mph wind toward the end of the day and make it back to the truck.

    Right now, I think I like it better then the pontoon, primarily because it is so portable. Now, in a strong wind, it would be nice to be able to row vice kick.


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    Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    Fishing Report on Lake Davis:

    I did see fish working, both jumping clear of the water - big guys too, 16+ and also saw some that were just broaching the surface, though there were not a ton of them doing this, just a handful.

    Again, we were at old camp 5 and I am told the northwest and northeast sections were much more active. While they were rising and jumping, I was unfortunately not able to maneuver the float tube efficiently when we first got there (just after dawn) to take advantage of the fish that were jumping, and later when they were broaching at around 1 pm the wind had kicked up - I did get in position and take a few strikes.

    As for flies, red copper johns, a pink scud with red legs hanging about 4 feet below a standard copper john and red and silver tinsel chironomid below a GRHE all took hits. Red seemed to be the color and there was nothing large on the surface.

    BTW report is that CA dumped a bunch of 2 pounders in the lake recently along with a bunch of 10-12 inchers.

    Here is a hatch chart I found for the lake for april to october

    The results show the insects that will be hatching on or around the Lake Davis. Please keep in mind that regardless of the specific hatch chart displayed, anglers should be equipped with all the flies listed. Hatch times fluctuate based on water temps.

    Insect Size Date Range
    Caddis 10,12,14,16 April 1 to October 31
    Callibaetis 12,14,16,18 April 15 to October 15
    Scud 10,12,14,16,18,20,22 April 15 to October 31
    Sculpin 2,4,6 April 15 to October 31
    Streamers 2,4,6 April 15 to October 31
    Traveling Caddis 4,6,8,10 July 1 to August 31
    Hexagenia 6,8,10 July 1 to July 31
    Midge 10,12,14,16,18,20,22 March 15 to October 31
    Grasshoppers and Other Terrestrials 10,12 May 15 to October 15

    And a report from Dollards

    The surface water temperature is at 66 degrees and dropping which has made for great fishing. Trolling and fly fishing has been producing excellent results for experienced Lake Davis anglers. Shore fishing has been spotty with a few fish being landed at Mallard Cove and Fairview. On September 24th, the lake was stocked with 2000, 2 pound Rainbow trout. The majority of the fish being landed are ranging in size from 12 to 14 inches with about 30% of the fish in the 17 to 19 inch range. A credible experienced fly fisherman fished the lake on 9/27, hooking 31 fish and landing 24. He was fishing from his float tube in the north east area of the lake. The presentation was dual nymphs 4 feet under an indicator. Dillard’s Guided fishing reports trolling has been excellent. On 9/16 they caught and released 45 fish then on 9/17 they caught and released 57 fish up to 19 inches. On 9/24 from noon to 4 pm, they landed 24 fish. The hot lures have been the Red Rainbow Runner, Copper Red Head Wee Dick Nite and Cinnamon wooly buggers trolled at a depth of 8 to 12 feet. Historically fishing is excellent in the months of Oct. & Nov. weather pending.

    There you go, now, if anyone wants to fish the lake they know what I know (and probably more)

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    Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    Next time you go out pm me and I'll see if I can head out with you or hook you up with some good spots to go to. Davis can be fun but since the Pike were eradicated I have lost interest in fishing it and have found better lakes around there to fish.
    Check out thew best page on Facebook

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    Default Re: thinking of trying something different

    You got it Pack,

    I am going to try to slip out to the river today, wife has a few things to do, so it may be this afternoon instead of this morning (or I would be on the road now) but, with the colder weather we are having that may not be a bad deal. I do want to get to davis with the float tube again, maybe next weekend weather and work permitting adn would be happy to meet up. We pulled in several 14-16 inchers and a couple bigger last outing.

    I have always wanted to fish for pike, but I do understand the importance of not having a non-native predator in our waters and the need to remove them. They have been planting big fish in Davis this year, trying to get it back to "trophy" status.

    Not too much longer and we will be fighting snow and ice to get there, so hopefully we can set something up soon.


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