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Thread: Truckee is a foot low

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    Default Truckee is a foot low

    Anyone know what happend to the Truckee in the last week? I went out today and it is a foot lower then it was last weekend. Now the spot that I thought I had all scoped and figured out has changed.

    I did manage to pull 4 little guys (6 inchers) out of the spots that used to hold the big guys, but since the deepest water I saw was now only waste deep and fully visible to the bottom, there were no big trout in the water.

    I gotta figure they moved, and expect they moved down river to some deeper pools, cause unless they are playing spawning salmon, they were not going upriver Past the riffles that now have only inches of water in them.

    What a bummer, would like to know what happened and if the flow is going to be restored if anyone has a clue.


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    Default Re: Truckee is a foot low

    I saw the flows and it is ridiculous! It's flowing less than 200 through town. I thought about going out this weekend but saw the numbers and did house work instead. Came up with a new indicator fly too so it worked out I guess.
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    Default Re: Truckee is a foot low

    Yeah, pretty dissapointing to say the least, spots that used to harbor some big fish are not down to fingerlings and yearlings.

    According to the news:

    A three-year dry spell has caused the level of Lake Tahoe to drop below its natural rim for the first time in nearly five years.

    "We have three consecutive below-average winters. You could argue we are in a drought cycle right now, but we are definitely in a dry spell," said Bill Hauck, senior water supply coordinator for the Truckee Meadows Water Authority.

    Local hydrologists expect this week's storms will help the lake's level, but not significantly. That means less water will be flowing into the Truckee River and on its way to downstream reservoirs."

    hope we have a wet winter.....


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    Default Re: Truckee is a foot low

    I have not been on the river since it dropped so I'm not sure what to expect. My buddy keeps getting into them so it sounds like it's fishing ok. Fish in a barrel man just find the deep buckets.
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    Default Re: Truckee is a foot low

    Yeah, that was my thought originally, all the big fish are probably holed up in the deep spots, just did not have time to thoroughly prospect any of these last trip out as I only had a couple hours to fish so I went to a known spot that now is pretty shallow. I know of some deep holes in other locations, so will give those a shot next time out.


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