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Thread: Winter fishing

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    Default Winter fishing

    got out today for a couple hours east of town before the storm clouds and wind started rolling in. Picked up a 12 inch bow and then this guy - for reference the length of the net frame is 15 inches so I put this guy at around 17 or 18.

    Nice way to start a forced "No Fishing" week. We have storms scheduled in all week so I guess I am not going to be able to fish for a few days....Bummer we won't be fishing much, but, like a said, a nice way to start the cabin fever.


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    Default Re: Winter fishing

    Dave: Nice trout!


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    Default Re: Winter fishing

    How far east did you go? A few buddies and I hit the Mustang area and Tracy. They walked away with a few nice ones but I came up empty. Got to try a new pattern though so I'm happy.
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    Default Re: Winter fishing

    Good thing you got that fish. I'm hearing that 10 feet of snow will fall over Donner Summit from this week's system.


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    I'm hoping so. We need the moisture. They got about 10 inches in Tahoe City so far.
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    Packfanch, I'll send you a PM on the location, but I was west of mustang.

    Mosca, yeah, it is supposed to be a good one this week, but as Packfanch said, we really need the moisture, especially in the tahoe area. We gotta get the lake back up to level so we can get the truckee flows back up and hopefully not have another drought year.

    Larry - thanks it was nice to hook into a fighter.

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    Very nice fish... The Truckee is one river I've never fished... since I'm new to the whole sport of FF, I was hoping to get up there this Friday and get my line wet for the first time... but today it snows... and snows... maybe Friday the weather will break, but it's doubtful... again, beauty of a fish... I bet you enjoyed every moment of the fight as well...

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    Thanks, I fish the Truckee more then I fish anywhere else and it is a hoot when you are hooking fish, and a challenge when you aren't. The fish in the river do seem to have a bit more fight in them then equal size lakers around here, maybe it is because they live in the current, or maybe they are just mad when you finally figure out how to get em

    If you are "getting up here" where are you coming from?


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    Quote Originally Posted by webrx View Post
    If you are "getting up here" where are you coming from?

    Web, I live in Dayton. I generally fish the East and West Carson or the West Walker and Little Walker. I've never fished Reno/Verdi, but when I drove to Cabelas last Friday, the river looked nice... if only it was a little warmer...

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    I am ok with the cold, but can't deal with cold and wind, thats when it isnt fun anymore for me. The big guys are in the deep pools below the riffles and rapids - just in case you get a chance to get out. Of course, you gotta find the deep pools, and get a fly to them in a somewhat natural drift - they are old, seasoned, and somewhat picky.


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