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    Everybody says the fish are hitting east of town but I don't know, I'm starting to like the west side of town too. [IMG][/IMG]

    Hooked into this 23 incher right before a baitdunker comes and plops down on the other side of the bank and throws a bottom dredger into my hole. I had a few choice words with him and decided to find a different hole to fish. A fun day none the less.
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    That's a beauty of a fish! Way to go Pack. I bet he had some nice fight in him...

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    Nice fish Packfancjh.

    miles and miles of river, and some folks have to crowd you. I didn't get out this weekend with all the snow and wind, but hopefully will be back at it next weekend.


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    Way to go......that looks like it rocked...!
    if I'm not here...I'm on another line...with a fly on the end..

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    It was great up until the bait dunker stooped in on me. Some people have no manners
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    Very nice fish, Congrats!


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    Beautiful brown!Tell your lovely fishing buddy he's got the same waders as JP...But his glasses ar far nicer than mine

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    Always great when you can get out with ones son and fish, hunt or what have you. Nice Job!


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