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    Today was a good day. I have been in a drought as of late when it comes to landing a fish on the Truckee but today was fun. It was 63 degrees in Feb so I decided to call up my brother and we took my son to the river on this gorgeous day. I hooked into this guy and he went airborne on me about six times but finally got him to the net. It was a fun fight!


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    Looks like a great day! 63 degrees is perfect!
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    Looks like a great day......and a great brown
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    Mucho kudos. Nice brown and he was a jumper. The kid looks like he's a happy guy.

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    Nice fish and a happy boy! Since we haunt the same waters, I now know what you look like if I run accross you on the river. I have been stuck at work and have not been able to get out during this beautiful weather. Hoping to get a chance before it turns back into winter. If the picture is where I think it is (starts with an M) and you gotta drive or hike a bit to get there) then I believe I have fished that spot also and it is a good one.


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    Not much hiking to get there. It was caught out by Lockwood right off the road.
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    Nice fish and nice way to spend the day with the boy. Can't wait till mine is old enough to go... I'll be up fishing the Truckee this Friday and hopefully its good for me as it was to you... congrats again on the nice fish.

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    I have seen a lot of big fish come out throughout town so find a good hole and fish it all the way through. A ton of baetis in the water right now. That 21 incher took a stone fly though.
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    Well, even if it was not where I thought it was, still and excellent catch and always good to see dad and son fishing. I have seen a few nice trout coming out of the river as well the last few weeks, I have been doing well with a gold tinsel ribbed birdsnest lately, and my buddy picked up a couple on drys the other day. Looks like weather this weekend or I would definately be out, still might


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    Dave, you work tomorrow? I'll be finding a spot somewhere around 11 am or so... I think I'll go east of town this time.

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