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    I couldn't have asked for better weather while up there. Temps in the 80's, the winds maxed out at about 10 mph and other than a few late night partiers it was pretty quiet. The fishing was a little slow but I managed to net 3 for 2 days the biggest of which was about 25 inches. The jetskiing and bikini watching filled in the gaps when the fish weren't biting

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    excellent, glad you had a good trip, I have been blown off that lake 2 of the 3 times I have been there, and the third was skunked. It is on my list to go back and one of these days I will - maybe this year.

    Are you just wading or using a ladder? I have heard (and believe it due to the wind) that float tubing is not a viable option most days on pyramid.

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    Nice LCT's there TD! Streamers? It would seem strange fishing there without frozen hands and blowing snow. I have always tubed it, they won't allow my ladder on the airplane. We do ok wading as well, but there are not many good locations for it, and the clay can be extremely slick underfoot. milt. BTW... what is AFS?
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    My fish were all hooked on choronomids. One of my buddies hooked his on a wooly bugger. Tubing is an option out there but with the potential winds that can be seen out there I advise against it on most days. We used ladders and fished from the rocks at Pelican. Milt the AFS is the American Fisheries Society from UNR. There are lots of beaches you can wade without the clay. The main beaches that have clay are Warrior and the Nets. A little over a month left in the season, time to get out there!!!

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