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    Default NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    I know that is a wide area but comments did not really fit in the never ending Truckee River Thread....

    Lake Davis:
    I spoke with the nice folks at the Grizzly Store the other day, and the roads are plowed to Mallard Cove - boat launch is not in the water at Mallard, something about a broken anchor cable and it will be 3 to 4 weeks to get it fixed. You can launch small boats if you don't need a ramp and you can of course tube or pontoon - just wear your johhny's (flannels for some of us) as the water is gonna be brisk to put it nicely. Lake as it 75% level and lots of snow to still melt in the area.

    Ice is off the lake except right near the Dam and the fish are starting to wake up.

    Current Hatches are small midges and Blood Midges per my hatch chart, and I have also had good luck with scuds and copper johns at the lake just about year round.

    I might give it a go with the float tube this weekend if the weather cooperates and I can convince my buddy he is as nuts as I am.

    Access to the west side of the lake is by snowmobile or snow shoe only, even my Jeep can't get there as of last weekend there is still a ton of snow.


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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    I would appreciate hearing about this trip upon completion. It's on my short list for an early summer trip.

    Allen R
    Snake River Plain

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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers


    I will post if we make it out this weekend, sometimes work gets in the way, but, if I don't go this weekend, I have a few days off coming up, so I plan to get to Davis real soon either way.

    My buddy accross the street and I fish Davis pretty regular throughout the spring, summer, fall, float tubing and I have a 14 ft aluminum we also use. If you are heading this way, and want to meet up, say hi, fish or have a cup of coffee or something before getting your fly wet let me know.

    There are half a dozen guys in the Reno/Tahoe area, I have fished with a few, and maybe this year we can actually get a "fish in" meet up scheduled up at the lake or on the river or something.

    On your short list, if you have never done it, there is also pyramid lake, I personally have not had a lot of luck there, but I have only been twice and fished it once with a friend who wanted to troll all day, it was his boat, and it was windy and not so easy to fly fish but all in all a nice day, others I know have nailed it a few times and brought in some big fish - 10-15 pounds or more. The ladder line up is something to see if nothing else.


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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    I'm going to try and get to pyramid this Sunday. Lots of big fish and a blown out truckee made it the best option.
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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    Prosser, Boca and Stampeed lakes are clear of ice, and fishy.
    The terrorist guard is up, on Boca damn.
    Need to drive around to prosser lake and take the back way in to launch a boat on Boca.
    Shore lauches not happening till shore mud hardens, or clears of snow.
    Same will apply to Stampeed, once they start to work on the damn expansion.
    When that happens, you will need to drive in from hwy89 north, near Hobart Mills.
    Always nice they make it easy for us.
    Might be a few less jet skis, wake boarders, around this year.
    Always searching for the bright side!!!


  6. Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    I been out of the area for a few years, but I go meet a bunch of buddies there on a regular basis for some early summer and late fall get togethers. Thats where I learned to throw a fly proper. Your comments on stampede dam expansion make me wonder. Is that a retrofit? Will it affect the general characteristics of the general area. Is it a concern? I've watched that area getting trashed and pressured enough over the last few decades. This is the first I heard of engineering changes. More info is appreciated if you have it.

    - Jonesy

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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    I guess blown out is a good word for the Truckee, man the river looks downright dangerous. fast and dirty.

    Work to do and the rain mean no fishing for me today. My dad is coming in on Wednesday, and I have next weekend off, along with a couple weekdays, maybe he and I can get out weather permitting.

    Have not hit stampede or boca in a while, dont like to compete with the jetskis or wake boarders, but maybe that will calm a bit this year or you can hit it early and get off the water before they become an issue - kind of like frenchmans.


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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    Can't even make it out to Pyramid due to the weather. What can a guy do to get into fish around here? I guess it's time to plug away on a few tying stations. Fishing the inlet at Boca can be very prosperous towards the evening hours for big browns. Fishing the rock dams at Stampede can be fun for good sized smallies too.
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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    Weather has definately had an effect on fishing this weekend, high winds and more rain on the way from what I hear. Man, do I have an itch to go fishing. I have my new cumberland float tube - got it for my birthday in march, and my itch was so bad, I ran it down to sparks marina last weekend just to give it a trail run - love it by the way, much nicer than my U-tube getting aroudn and fighting the wind, though I have a lot of fond memories of U-tubing Davis lake over the last couple years.

    As noted above, was gonna try Davis this weekend, but that is out now due to weather. I feel your pain Chris.


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    Default Re: NorCal - NorNev Lakes and Rivers

    Jonesy, if I understand it correctly, the idea is to provide more room for water storage,
    in case a catastrophic melt-off occurs. Not extra storage full time.
    Imagine a full reservoir, and then a tropical rain on a big snow pack.
    After watching the winter melt of 96-97, it's probably a good idea.
    Wouldn't want Reno to wash away.
    The issue will be, if they close the damn to traffic.

    Chris and Web, the Boca inlet's a good call. Get tubular!
    LT is at 700cfs (big), washing food into the lake.
    On Prosser the bass are waiting for a bit of warm water in coves/shallow areas.
    But Bertha is chowing down now to prep for spawn.
    Full sink line with a bugger or something might do it.
    When the river's big and brown, it's lake time.
    Catch a trout, or a bass on the same fly.
    Gotta love it.

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