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Thread: Utah fishers?

  1. Default Utah fishers?

    Any Utah anglers on the board right now?

    Well, I go to get out to the river today. What a beautiful day it was. Shiny, blue, and the midges were making them look up. Anyone else getting out right now?

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    went out today, hit the provo, the sun came out for about twenty min just enough time for a nice hatch and for me to get out some dries, it was pretty weet until my work called and i had to stop for 15 min. then the rain and snow came up with a nice strong wind...god i hate work they just send bad energy everywhere i go. :twisted:

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    Well Curtis, it seems the bad weather backs my work load up so when its good I have to get caught up. I expect that soon more good days are ahead and then I will be free, I will keep you posted. Check out the thread I started about Henry's Lake. My place in I.P. is only a couple minutes from that water. Need to show me how to fish still water. The boat will be ready.

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    I finally rained here ther other day so I was home bound. I am getting ready for another Striper / Largemouth Bass trip with the poppers!!!

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