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    Default What is with this wind!

    I finally have a chance to get out this weekend to fish and it is gail force winds all weekend! What is that all about? As a consolation my neighbor decided it was time for one last snowmobile ride for the season and thought of asking me to join him. We went up by Mt Rose summit and had a good time and riding around. The snow was a little hard but 50 degree weather will do that. The views were the icing on the cake. Even though I couldn't fish it turned out to be a good day.

    a cliff I want to jump off

    a view toward Truckee

    a view of Tahoe
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    Default Re: What is with this wind!

    packfancjh: Beautiful views! Looks like it was a great day on the snow machines.


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    Default Re: What is with this wind!

    Any day outdoors is better than a day at work... thanks for the pics Pack. They remind me why I love living 45 minutes away from Tahoe!


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    Default Re: What is with this wind!

    Nice Pics pack,

    we tried to get out to Pyramid on Thursday, but got blown out, could not launch the boat, and the guy I went with did not bring waders, so came back into town. We did get out on Saturday for a bit, but only hooked one fish abut a 22 incher.

    I am not much into trolling with downriggers, so I spent most of my time looking at scenery and chatting. It was not a great fishing day, but it was time out with friends and on the water.


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    Default Re: What is with this wind!

    Give Pyramid a couple of weeks for a good warm up and it should get pretty hot. I have heard of some big averages coming out with some 15lb fish pretty regularly lately.
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