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Thread: Hey Fshfanatic

  1. Default Hey Fshfanatic

    Fshfanatic happens to be a very good friend of mine that decided to be a traitor :lol: and skip off to Arizona. He is a good fisherman and a dang good tyer. Gonna invite him to talk about some of his exploits in Az and the action down there right now. I know he has been targeting the Grass Carp lately. Fanatic, what is happening down there right now???

    Oh, and get up here soon. Ice off cannot be too far away now.

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    I actually got out yesterday for two hours (7-9am) at one of the local ponds. It was quite interesting and tough. With all the rain we have had in the last month or so, the water was really high and the carp were tailing along the banks eating the grass that was now submerged.

    I couldn't get them to look up so I had to switch from dries (my favorite) to nymphs.

    I was using a dubbed Simi-Seal leech in an olive color, and was able to hook into 3 nice ones that averaged around 7-12 lbs each. Not too shabby for a "quicky" trip.

    I was forced to throw a good 70+ feet to the fish as they were very spooky. I would guess this was do to the fact that they were feeding in about 15" of water.

    Kinda like fishing for the "bones" in Florida.. Fun Fun...

    I was using that 4wt you sold me.. Man that is a great carp rod.

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    I bet they bend that thing to the cork. That is a nice moderate action anyway. I would bet they are a hoot on that rod. GIVE IT BACK!!!

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    I've always wanted to give Carp a try. Never have but would like to.


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    I love it they are a hoot! These are a couple of the smaller ones I have been catching.

    Freshwater bonefish. Spooky as hell, finicky on the take, but I love throwing dries to the slurper 70' casts with light tippit and small stimulators is my favorite..

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