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Thread: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

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    Default whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    Hey I'm looking to start to tie Flys and was wounding whats the best kit to go with ?? Is this worth the money?or do you OG guys have a better link to buy from..thanks you for your time..


    Cabela's Premium Fly-Tying Kits

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    Default Re: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    If you are committed in getting into fly tying and want to get started right, buy everything piece meal. Buy the good vise and tools from the get go. They will function flawlessly from the start and later on. Materials bought off the rack are usually better quality than those in the kits.

    If you can, take a fly tying class from a local shop. It is much better to have someone give you instruction than trying to teach yourself. The learning curve won't be quite as steep.


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    Default Re: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    As MP advises, taking a fly tying class will steepen your learning curve tremendously. I'd also recommend getting a copy of Charlie Craven's book "Basic Fly Tying". [ame=""] Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying (9780979346026): Charlie Craven: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    Also take a look at his web site as he has 158 flies listed with detailed instructions and materials needed.

    Charlie's FlyBox - Colorado's Best FlyShop and online Fly Tying Tutorials


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    Default Re: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    TB, go with the separate purchase plan (really good advice). I got the kit for Christmas, then struggled with an inferior vice, tools, and feathers.
    Thought the difficulty was with me. Almost gave up, and was put off a little by how much there was to learn.
    I got lucky, a friend showed me a few tricks, then came the Grass Hopper emergence.
    I focused on that one fly, bought a $ 50. Thompson A vice, and only the hook and materials for that pattern, and fished it well for most of the summer.
    Get one pattern under your belt, and you will be good to go. Each new pattern teaches one new technique. Lots more later.
    Few things I've tried give as much satisfaction as twisting up a fly of my own, and saying hi to Walter.
    Good luck with your new endeavor.


    ps, 30+ years later, that Hopper pattern still works.
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    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    It looks like the guys have this covered. Regardless of how you choose to go forward there is something else you will need. You must have an unquenchable thirst for learning; fly tying is the tip of the berg.

    Welcome to the forum Tommy, this is the first post of yours that I have spotted. The people here will prove to be a good source for all the questions you can come up with.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    I endorse Larry's recommendation of Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying. I'm not all that advanced a tier, but have managed to accumulate a number of recommended fly-tying books, and this one to me is by far the best. His instructions are the most detailed - very helpful for a beginner - as are his pictures. He also gives excellent materials suggestions.

    I'd also endorse with the several suggestions below to buy your tools separately, not in kit form, and your materials as you need them. Charlie Craven's book will, like a number of beginner fly-tying books, start you out with a fly using certain basic techniques and then build on those techniques with more and more sophisticated flies.

    One thing, though, I can testify to - you won't end up saving any money over buying your flies, but you will gain a great deal of satisfaction as well as being able to tie that fly to fit a fly-fishing situation that you can't buy a fly to match.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Default Re: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    +1 on what everyone says about buying the tools and vise a la carte. BTW, I think SW has a sale on some of their vises.

    As for lessons, go see Jaquelyn Prince in the fly shop at Bass Pro. Not only does she tie very well, she teaches how she did it very well.

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    Default Re: whats a good fly ty-in stater kit ??help pplz.thanks

    Re: tommyboy380, I am also asking the same questions. As it turns out, every piece of advice others have posted, I have recieved the same answers. Piece meal your needs and wants and see Jaquelyn Prince. I checked into a class she holds at the Mesa, AZ Bass Pro Shop. The classes are booked for months in advance and only 4 people at a time. I bought Charlie Craven's book mostly based on the number of possitive feed back on Amazon and other sites.

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