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Thread: Arizona

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    Default Arizona

    Just wondering if anyone is here from AZ.

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    Yes, there are a lot of AZ fly fishers on the forum.

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    Well, from Arizona, but now living on the banks of the San Juan. What's up KRD and tightlines?

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    Yes, I live in Arizona. Northwest Phoenix matter of fact. Moved here 28 years ago from the midwest. What's your story KRD?


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    I live in arizone too, except way down south in Yuma, Not to many trout waters down here, but lots of bass, bluegill, and Carp!

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    Bassin on the fly is awesome! A group of flyers in Phoenix are in the process of putting together a bass fly fishing club. As time permits I want to get more involved in that endeavor. You can check it out at this link.

    Bass on the Fly - Arizona Fly Fishing Forums

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    Formerly lived in Tucson and also a member of AZFAT. Can't wait for the "Juanuary" trip this winter....if there will be one. Otherwise, I'll just suck it up and go all by my lonesome


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    Juanuary lives another year!!! This will be the 3rd annual event. The Enchanted Hideaway is about totally booked with you AZ boyz!!! Gonna try my best to make it once again, this time I'll actually be able to fish!
    Roughrider Guide Flies

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    I live in Gilbert. In the late 80's I was stationed in Alaska and fly fished for 2 summers in a row every chance I had. from that point I managed to find other life tasks to keep me away from my favorite sport. Went to Winterhaven and fished at Devils Thumb Ranch while taking a lesson from their guide. I had a blast, caught 6 nice rainbows and have the bug to get back into it.

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    Welcome aboard jimeng! There's a great bunch of guys from AZ that fly fish. Of course, there's the usual knuckleheads and shady characters (just kidding!). If you haven't checked out, you really need to do that! Everyone I've met is fantastic. They have regular outings and are really in the know about all the local happenings. It's too bad I live a little farther away, but I definately don't miss the heat!


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