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Thread: Story, Picture, Recommendation, and a question

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    Default Story, Picture, Recommendation, and a question

    Back story:

    Decided to shoot out to the White Mountains of Arizona with my brother to warm up before we head to Grand Lake Stream in the East next week. We picked Greer, AZ on the map by chance. Fished mostly the reservoirs and a couple small creeks. New experience to me lake fishing as I strictly fish rivers and streams about 95% of the time. My arm was tired of throwing streamers after about 3 days.


    We stopped into The Lazy Trout General Store to nearly wipe out Ted of streamers. After chatting with him in the store on a couple occasions he asked us if we would want to test out his "ponds out back". Despite my slight hesitation to fish someone's personal stocked pond we said we greatly appreciated it and would check them out. Fortunately for us we did and had a blast catching 17+ inch rainbows for about an hour or so. Really good people in Greer and especially at the Lazy Trout Store. Support this local business if your ever in the area.


    My brother landed this beautiful brown which should be in the attached picture if I did everything right. Naturally I got half mad he out-fished me and said I wasn't leaving one of the local reservoirs we were at until I caught something. About 10 minutes before total darkness I saw what I believed to be a muskrat making a very large wake and swimming towards me. As he got closer I realized this was not a muskrat but something large with fins. I threw a streamer with a dropper at him and he just swam around it. Then on the second chuck in front of him he banged a ninety as I stripped it past him and took the nymph. I spent about 10 minutes or so playing him on my 6wt and then he spit the fly after taking me deep into my backing a couple times. I was disappointed to not get a picture but man it was a fun experience and glad I didn't have to seriously stress the fish to land it.

    The question:

    This was a very large brown swimming in about 1.5 feet of water just cruising the bank. I'm a little curious what he was doing? I figured sucking up crawfish along the backs?

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    Default Re: Story, Picture, Recommendation, and a question

    Congrats on the trip report and great looking fish! In stillwaters, at low light the fish will cruise the shoreline looking for food. If your interested in how to fish for them you might want to check out Denny Richard's book "Stillwater Presentation", it is a very insightful book on stillwater fishing for trophy sized trout. - Fly Fish Stillwaters


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    Default Re: Story, Picture, Recommendation, and a question


    Thanks for the tip I will add it to the reading list.


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