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Thread: tying night

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    Default tying night

    I have been talking with a few friends about doing a tying night here and there through the winter and was curious if any of the locals on here wanted to do a tying night once a month or so. Let me know if any of you have interest. I have a great location that will fit a large number of tyers in Sparks.
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    Default Re: tying night

    Ok I have a tying night planned for Dec 2nd at 6:00 with a few guys from the local TU chapters. It will be at my work in Sparks. Everyone is welcome. Message me for RSVP and address. Hope to see some of you there.
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    Default Re: tying night

    Chris, sorry I couldn't make it, how did it turn out.
    Is this thing a one time only?


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    Default Re: tying night

    It went well Jim, I had 6 people show and quite a few others had other engagements they needed to be at. It was fun none the less. I will be doing more for sure and will keep you guys posted as I know Dave(webrx) wanted to come too but couldn't. Stefan might try and do one up in Truckee at the TU office too but I'm sure I'll get one going again down here before that happens LOL!
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    Default Re: tying night

    not to intrude on your tying night, but just a heads up that Ken at Cabelas is offering a fly tying class for pyramid flies on the first wednesday of the month at the Reno store.

    Beginning Fly Tying Class for Pyramid Lake Dec. 7, Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Conference Room

    Learn how to tie flies for fly fishing at one of the world’s best fly fishing lakes, Pyramid Lake. Our expert fly tying outfitter Ken Thormahlen will offer this free class to beginning fly tyers the first Wednesday evening of the month, December through May during Pyramid’s peak trout fishing months. Those interested must pre-register in person at the Fly Shop or call the store at (775) 829-4100, ext. 8301. Those attending should bring their own tying vice, though Cabela’s will have a limited number of vices available for attendees’ use. All other fly tying materials and tools will be provided by Cabela’s. Cabela’s is located in Verdi off Interstate 80 at Exit 4.

    Cabelas is also offering a chironomid class for beginners on the 19th.
    Dec. 5 & Dec. 19, Chironomid (Nymph Fly)
    7:00 p.m. The class has limited space so please call ahead to reserve your spot. Contact Ken in our fly shop at 829-4100, ext. 8301, to reserve your spot or for additional information
    ex·pe·ri·ence noun \ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)s\

    1. the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation

    2. that thing you get just moments after you needed it.

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    Default Re: tying night

    Hey guys I just wanted to let all you Tahoe locals know that I am doing another tying night next Friday the 10th if any of you can make it. Same place same time and a few of us will be fishing the next day. Any questions give me a holler.
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    Default Re: tying night

    Good for you troutdoorsman. A bunch of us from our FF club did a tying night every other Tues. night for years. It kept getting more and more fun, and everyone kept getting better and better. Best to you guys.

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    Default Re: tying night

    Thanks Jimmy! The last one we did went well so I think this will turn into a monthly thing.
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    Default Re: tying night

    Chris: Sure sounds like fun, wish I lived a bit closer! Best of luck!

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    great Idea...wish I lived in NV. I would love to hear how it goes so I can start one in Ut. As a Utah fly fishing guide, I'm always looking for ways to get to know future guides.

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