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  1. Default Truckee by Verdi

    Determined to hit the Truckee by Verdi this season, any hints? Prefer river access near RV Parking. The water always looks amazing, prefer Nevada side!

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    Default Re: Truckee by Verdi

    I can't help you much on that one. Last time I fished out there was at least 20 years ago. (Back when I was married to Satan's sister. Evil Valley Girl. Her brother had a cabin out there. Not Satan, Rick.) But welcome to the forum, we have guys here who will be much more help on this than I am. Hope you stick around, this is a great place.

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    Are you staying at the Boomtown RV park, will you have a car to get around? In Verdi you can fish quite a bit of river but a car will be handy as there is some private property in spots that would make hiking tiresome.
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    Thanks guys, I will stay around. I guess I can tow a car but was hoping to park the RV near the River.

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    The rv park near Boomtown is quite a hike to get to fishable waters. There is a long cliff you have to hike around. If you want to be right on the river you could look at the rv park at the Grand Sierra Resort or there is another rv park adjacent to Rock Park. Both are right on the river.
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    When are you going fishing? Maybe a group of us locals will be able to meet up with you.

    If you stay at Boomtown, as Chris says, it is a hike, but there is fishable water within a mile of the park behind cabelas/boomtown.

    GSR has fishable water right next to the RV park - but I wont fish that area alone, as there are may day workers that hang out there in fisherman's park.

    Rock Park has fishable water, but the RV park is not as nice as GSR or Boomtown.

    The trophy section of Verdi is a major hike from boomtown, so you would need other wheels or a ride.

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    If you go down river from GSR its good. Up by the illegal unemployment line at fishermans park it gets a little sketchy. GSR has plenty to offer at night too. That would be cool to get a group together and go fish!
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    thanks for the info everyone, by the way I am in fallon and would love to meet up w/ other fisherman. By the way the water just below Cabela's always looks nice also! Bob
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    Default Re: Truckee by Verdi

    There is some great water below the Cabelas Boomtown area but like I said if you stay at the rv park it is quite the haul to hike around the cliff to get to it. Let us know when you head over here to fish and we'll see who all can head out with ya.

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