So KC and I headed up north. Didn't even get an early start, but who needs to when fishing is so killer anyway?

We left town at 10am and made some pit stops on the way. Driving up I-17, smoke from the Gladiator Fire was easily visible. Makes me very anxious for the fire season in the state of AZ. (KC has a pic I believe)

Finally made it to the lake, unloaded the gear and hiked about 1.5-2 miles to what we would call camp!


No KC and I didn't share the tent! My hammock is in the background!

After setting up camp, KC and I cracked open a beer and relaxed as we watched the lake. As we sat there, I am sure KC noticed my anxiousness to get started. I was in my waders and ready to go, before he even started!

While KC got ready, I took the time to take some pics of the gear we were using!

TFO TiCRx w/ Lamson Konic 3.5

Orvis Helios w/ Orvis Mirage

We finally made it to the lake, and the action instantly started. KC missed multiple strikes, and I missed multiple strikes within minutes of touching the water. At one point there was a rise to my right, so I casted right where the fish came up. Before I had a chance to manage my line in my hand and start stripping, there was an explosion as a pike swiped at my fly. It was so fast, I was caught off guard, and you could hear me swear from across the lake!

A couple more casts later, and I could hear KC say some expletive followed by YA! and I turned to see a bend in his rod! KC had a fish on!

KC's First fish!

Next up was me. We jumped to the other side of the cove, and I leapfrogged in front of KC. I saw what looked to be perfect water. As I was stripping line of my reel, the fly was about 5-6 feet off shore. Bringing the fly in ready to cast, I felt the resistence on the end of my line that all fisherman lose sleep over! I had my first fish of the day.

My first Pike of the trip

On a side note, I tied my pike flies this time with stinger hooks, and every fish I hooked had the hook way to deep. This following picture is evidence of it. So I am not sure exactly how I feel about keeping the stinger hooks on my flies.

After multiple blow-ups as soon as our flies hit the water, a number of wakes, and swirls behind our flies, KC and I walked away from ULM with 7 pike to hand, and more missed/lost! Here are the remainder of pics!

My biggest pike to date!

Cool photo taken and edited by KC

I have a fascination with the markings on the tails of Pike. Something about it is so cool to me.

Beautiful Sunset!

We attempted to fish in the morning, however it was slow and KC talked me into driving down to Oak Creek, and that place holds its place as my in "#1 Place I will never fish again"

We showed up, paid 9 bucks to fish the C&R section, just to have 2 groups of people walk right down the creek and ruin everything! And in the process of ruining my fishing, I lost my concentration and learned a valuable lesson. CRIMP YOUR BARBS!

It hurt like a MOFO!

After is all said and done, Pike are moving up my list of favorite fish to target. They fight well, their takes can be violent, and they have SHARP teeth. Another great trip under my belt for May, and thanks KC for a killer experience!