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  1. Default McCloud River, Northern California

    Has anyone been up to the McCloud River in Northern California, and have any reports on the fly fishing?

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    Default Re: McCloud River, Northern California


    Welcome to the forum, you will find that when it comes to fishing reports many of us like to get to know each other and then we give advice via our PM system. That's how I do it anyway, I can't help you with info on the McCloud, I have never been there. There are a bunch of CA. members here so keep reading threads and post to any where you may have comments. That's how to break the ice I think.

    Good to have you in the group,


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    Sorry, Hornet, I missed this post. I've been to the McCloud many times, but it's been a few years since my last trip. I certainly can't give you any up-to-date information, but if you have specific questions about the area and the river I may be able to help.

    You may want to post the question in the Pacific Southwest (includes California specifically) if you have not done so already.

    And welcome also. I'm a relative newbie here and haven't made too many posts, but I certainly read it a lot.

    Allen R
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    I haven't been up to the McCloud lately, but here's a report from the Redding Fly Shop. It is dated 7/10.

    The clarity has improved on the McCloud and the fishing has been great the last week.

    The clarity issue we had in June has improved and the fishing has been great the last week. We have been getting reports from the dam to the conservancy and it seems the enitre river is great right now. Nymphing will be your best bet all day, but there maybe some really good dry fly fishing in the evening right before dark. We usually start heairng of big browns being caught in July and swinging a streamer on a sink tip in some of the pools will entice those big boys.

    Keep in mind that hatches are running behind schedule. Make sure that your fly boxes are filled with PMD mayflies, Golden Stoneflies, Salmonflies, Yellow Sallies, caddis, and hoppers. If you are going to try the streamer thing, bring various buggers, sculpins, and other baitfish. If you really feel like dredging, bring some crawdad imitations.


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    MP, thanks a bunch. I don't think I can get anymore up-to-date than what you found.

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    Ard, it's good to be in the group. Thank you for replying.

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    Allen, I appreciate your reply. If and when I get to the McCloud, I will be sure and post the conditions.

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    When making a trip to Cali to fish I always check out Fish First! Northern California Fly Fishing for all fishing reports in CA. The fly shop in Redding is a good place to check too.

    This is fishfirst's latest report as of 7-13

    McCloud River (below McCloud Reservoir) Off color to green, mid 50's, normal flow (230 cfs at Ah-Di-Na) Fishing is good. Water clarity has recently improved to 2-3 foot visibility and trout are back on the bite. Start the day subsurface with a golden stone and attractor nymph dropper. Fish the pocket water, runs and tailouts to find feeding fish. Not much hatching midday but fish will eat an ant pattern or attrator dry if you find some shady areas. Fish to the bank under the vegetation to find some big trout. Dry fly action picks up late afternoon with lots of trout rising to golden stones, pale evening duns and caddis. Be sure to stay until dark. Streamers fished in pools and deep runs early in the morning is also a good option for some bigger brown trout. The Conservancy and Ah-Di-Nah are fishing better than Ash Camp.
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    The guides that work with us at ShastaTrout are on the McCloud every week it is fishable and are on it as much individually as our competitors' are collectively. I have not fished it this week but have received great reports from a few of our other guides this week. It has been nymphing well during the day with some hatches and dry fly activity in the evening. Drop us a line for details if you are headed this way. I would be more than pleased to share all that I can and hopefully point you in a direction you would most enjoy.

    You can also check out our blog post. Sorry, we are a bit delinquent currently on our report as my camera died on a river trip on the Rogue and I have not been able to download recent pics. Hopefully I'll get a new report (new camera has been shipped) in the few days.

    Craig Nielsen

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