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    Default Weber River & private property

    Got out on the Weber again last weekend and had a pretty good day but an issue came up in regards to no trespassing/private property signs so i wanted to get others opinions and experiences. I was fishing a run that was public access and hooked a 20"+ brown who put up a fight and was running like crazy. I was dealing with a few trees and bushes that I was determined to not let him get caught up in so I played him around those things and down stream a little. By the time I netted him (Was a pain in the ass) I wasnt paying much attention to where I was and proceeded down stream to fish the next spot. I was probably there for about 20 minutes or so and then headed back to my vehicle to head back home. While I was walking back I realized at that point that I had drifted into a no trespassing area while I was chasing that brown down stream without even realizing it. No matter how stupid the new law is and how big of a joke I think it is I dont want to step on anyones toes and ruin the rest of the granted public access for anyone else so its not something I plan on doing again. My question for everyone is if they have had any luck asking and being granted approval from any of those owners to fish their stretch? If so, was it on a day by day basis or have any of them said anytime as long as you have asked first? The reason I ask is I did take a look at a few more spots before I headed back (didnt fish them) that I would like to fish if possible.

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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    I fish the Weber all the time but since the new law, I fish the public areas. I have never tried to get permission. I have friends who live in Morgan and it's one of those places where everybody knows everybody. Just my guess but you probably have to have an in somehow. Maybe I should get my lazy butt out and ask some of the owners I they would be willing to let me on their land. I'm not sure if it's a day by day thing but I have heard you have to have it in writing to in order to show the Sherriff when he shows up to give you a ticket for trasspassing.

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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    Not sure I've seen you fella's 'round these parts before? Good to see more Utahn's here. Wow, Farr West is just up the road.

    You could do as my wife and I do and avoid the Utah trespassing law Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

    @9:26** After some coffee and looking around I have seen dusty h here before, sorry, my mistake. Welcome to the forum bazooka joe.**
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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    Yeah, I'm new to this forum, looks like a great site with lots of good info and great folks. Yeah, you are just down the road, I'm about a block from Farr West/Plain City boarder. I was actually born in Plain City but my family moved when I was a kid, 25 years and several moves later and I'm in Farr West (not as good as ol Plain City, I love that place).

    Yeah the Utah access is a pain, unfortunatly I am not able to make as many out of state trips as I would like, I have two small children but when they get a little bigger I will take them on the rivers. I did fish the Hams Fork in WY this summer and it was lights out, it was my best fishing day yet.

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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    Hi Joe,

    You're in the right place to find a good group of people to talk fishing with, Welcome.

    The access issue is spreading far & wide. Here there is a river, a big river that I like to hike up in order to fish the lower few miles above where you can have road access. I can run it with the river boat but doing so kinda puts the trout down and is counter productive to an extent.

    There are a few folks who have bought land down near where there is road access and the land is plastered with Trespass Notices. This creates an interesting situation, if I am not to tread up the side of the river for fear of trespassing on someone, is this river now closed to my being able to access it on foot. This is a big water with a hundred miles of main stem, forks, and tributary waters involved.

    Where I grew up Posted Land was normal but the owner or lease holder had to Sign the posters. In that way a person wishing to contact said owner or lease holder to ask permission to cross the land. Without a signature the posters were not legal. The thinking behind that was that anyone could hand posters anywhere even if they didn't own or lease the land. In Pennsylvania it was not unheard of for someone to post State Land in order to keep out the 'rif-raff'. Here they just staple posters to trees in the outback and you have no clue as to who you might contact to seek permission to travel along the shore line. I have had no bad experiences to date but I will need to speak with the AK. Dept. of Fish & Game and also try to find who owns the land. Otherwise I'll have to drive the boat up the same water I want to fish.

    Because I have an abundance of open water that I use I have not pursued the issue of the posted land at the access point of this particular river but I will have to do this over the winter. I know that you guys are discussing access laws in Utah here but was only stating that the debate is spreading to the farthest reaches of the United States. The argument over the right of the holder of property and the rights of and for access to rivers and creeks is a difficult one. We own remote property and I don't wish to find any squatters on the land but like wise just because the property is on a lake we don't intend to attempt to stop anyone from fishing from the 700 foot of shore line that we have. This is not a current problem because of the remote (80 miles off road) location of our cabin & land but I have found places in the middle of nowhere with Trespass Posters on the trees at the edge of the water. I know the owners are seeking to tell me that they don't want me on the land but what about the shore line of the river............ I pass them without a thought but they are becoming more common even deep in the bush.

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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    Bazooka Joe, you've posted on UOTF. Read some posts there of yours. This is a good site. Utah Dave XXVIII posts here too. There's a few Yewta boys and gals here.
    As for asking permission, ask, get a signed paper giving you the ok, and offer to pick up trash. There was a permission slip you could get online at one time, don't know if it's still there. I think it was e DWR site. Google it up.
    FWIW, some land owners are skeptical about signing permission papers- scared if you have an accident, you'll sue them.
    But if I remember correctly, they're not libel if you hurt yourself.
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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    Wouldn't it be great is all posted sign read like this...

    Posted lands are a pain but sometimes they can be a blessing is disguise.
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    Welcome Joe.

    It would be good if all Properties had the same sign on the gates,I agree it's a real pain,once we could walk anywhere Fish & Shoot.Some of The State Governments has Sold Public Lands & access Roads which really belong to The People which hasn't helped.
    Some of The Cockies (our Nickname for Farmers) are good & access isn't a problem,however there are others who go out of their way just to be downright unhospitable.
    Unfortunate we have to live with it,we can do as Mr & Mrs fyshstykr does & Fish elseware,even though it's hard when you can't get access to places you have know most of your life.

  9. Default Re: Weber River & private property

    was reading through the past entries. im curious...where is a good place to start fishing the Weber in regards to public access? ill be coming from the park city area. is the section from wanship upstream to judd lane crossing public?

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    Default Re: Weber River & private property

    Quote Originally Posted by rockriv View Post

    was reading through the past entries. im curious...where is a good place to start fishing the Weber in regards to public access? ill be coming from the park city area. is the section from wanship upstream to judd lane crossing public?
    Lots of park and walk-in access between Wanship and Coalville (between the reservoirs). Check it out on Google maps and you can pretty much see the access points.

    Less than half an hour drive from Park City I would say... pretty good fishing there most of the time as well.

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