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    Default Bridgeport Valley lakes?

    Recently read an article in "Northwest" fly fishing magazine, about this place on the East side of the Sierra mountains on the Nevada/Cali border, just wondering if anyone is familiar with these lakes?

    By the way "Northwest" is a great magazine, I like how they are more region specific, the Sep/Oct issue has several waters featured in it that are in my neck of the woods.
    They also have "Southwest" and some others, but can't remember all the names.

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    Default Re: Bridgeport Valley lakes?

    I guess I'll have to go check out these lakes myself?

    Nobody has any info?

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    If you get all the names I might be able to help you out as far as what flies, what hatches, so on and so forth....

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    Default Re: Bridgeport Valley lakes?

    WOW!! Thanks for bringing this thread back up.

    One is Bridgeport Resevoir, and the other 2 are Upper And Lower Twin Lakes.

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    Default Re: Bridgeport Valley lakes?

    the area you are talking about is about an hour north of mammoth lakes. mammoth lakes/mammoth mountain is a hub of outdoor activities. in winter, mammoth mountain is great for skiiing. in summer, it's used for mountain bike runs. the entire area has such great water to fish its a bit of a mecca for flyfishing and the town of mammoth itself hosts several flyshops. hot creek, west and east walker rivers and the owens are nearby. the san joaquin river is also nearby. and of course many lakes. highway 395 runs north and south through the area. if you search for mammoth flyfishing reports, you should find some information. the web site is also a good starting point.

    i visited the area last season, just wanted to see what twin lakes looked like. it was so windy only 1 or 2 boats were out and i think they were headed back in at the time. beautiful area. many small streams to fish too. i could have spent a month in that area and found new water to fish.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: Bridgeport Valley lakes?

    Thanks Eric, great info, sounds like a great area.

    Have you read the article I mentioned above? if not you could probably go to their website and read it.

    I'll go look for info on Mammoth, thanks again....

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    Default Re: Bridgeport Valley lakes?

    sure, no problem. i must have missed your original post.

    by the way, i mention mammoth since it's basically a hub of sorts. bridgeport may be less than an hour north. bridgeport reservoir can be seen from town. there's a nice tackle shop in bridgeport with a respectable flyfishing presence and the guy is very helpful though most fly types concentrate on the west walker and the tailwater below the reservoir. i haven't read the magazine article; i've stopped buying mags overall. but i'll have to check it out the next time i'm in borders.

    if you're into moving water, like i said, there are TONS of options. don't forget going up tioga pass road from lee vining (even closer to bridgeport on 395). theres lee vining creek, saddlebag lake, tenaya lake. beyond the pass, you come very close to tuolume meadows, one of my all time favorite places to visit. fishing is always great on the dana fork and lyell fork.

    spend a week in the area if you can. i even know of a free campsite you have to travel up and up a dry, gravelly road for just over 10 miles but there's a beautiful creek running through it which i hear has excellent fishing (though i'm kicking myself now for only sleeping there one night and off the next morning in pursuit of big fish).

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: Bridgeport Valley lakes?

    Kirman Lake is great for monster Brookies(football sized). The Virginia Lakes area is good to hit. My favorite is the East Walker right out of Bridgeport Reservoir. They call it the Miracle Mile for a reason.
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