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Thread: Flagstaff area?

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    Default Flagstaff area?

    Well, it's back to college for me in late august, up at northern Arizona university. I didn't bring any sort of fishing gear last semester (I know dumb...) but this time don't plan on missing opportunities. Anyone have any small suggestions as to areas to check or books to look up? Looking for small stream style fishing. I know of a place out in oak creek canyon, just wondering if anyone else some ideas on areas.

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    Default Re: Flagstaff area?

    There are lots of nice waters to fish in that area.

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    Where to Fish in Arizona

    This should help.

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    Default Re: Flagstaff area?

    Hello Ben.

    We lived in Prescott for two years before moving up here to Idaho four years ago and I tried a bunch of streams/rivers in AZ during that short period. (One of the benefits of retirement.)

    You know the Oak Ck already, but don't be unwilling to follow it downstream into the Verde Riv, where during the cooler months fishing can be quite good.

    Wet Beaver Ck and West Clear Ck offer fair to middling fisheries.

    If you feel like driving a bit farther, the streams and lakes over in the Show Low/Pinetop area are good. One of my favorites (if only two seasons can produce such a thing) is the N Fork of the White River and it's relatively easy to access.

    Access may be a question. Not knowing what kind of transportation you might have is an impediment to describing a few of the more difficult spots, such as Big Bonito Ck. and the Black River. Both of these are on the Apache Indian Reservation and require special permits, and they are difficult to reach. Lot of dirt road to cover. On the up side, though, they were by FAR my best fishing in AZ, with the exception of the Quality Water below the Glen Canyon Dam.

    If you want any details, I can provide a few more, but I think there's a good guide shop in Flag. Maybe you can glean some info from them. I know the guys up at Lees Ferry (on the Colorado) well, and I think they fish the White Mtn region too.

    In any case, hope the year at NAU goes well for you.

    Allen R
    Snake River Plain

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    Default Re: Flagstaff area?

    Alright thanks Allen. Ya as to transport, I have my truck, 4w drive little frontier hah. So I can drive a few places. I know my grandfather lives up around there to. Thanks for the info


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