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    Default Tying night/tourney

    For those of you guys that live near the Reno area on Fri March 22nd and Sat the 23rd I am hosting a tying night at my shop in Sparks on Fri and will be hosting a little fishing tournament that Sat on the Truckee.
    The rules are as follows: teams will be made up of two people. Those that can find a teammate great. For those that can't I'll try and help find a partner for you as there will be a few singles signing up. Up to 10 teams will be allowed and the cost will be $10 per person and the proceeds go to the winning team to split. I am looking for some prizes for other top teams that finish from local fly shops so hopefully we'll have some other givaways. The winners will be decided by length of fish caught. Each team will need to have a camera and tape measure to prove length of fish. To give a little back to the river, for each full trash bag collected and brought back at the end you will get to add two inches to your length total. I'm still working on some minor details but this covers most of it. This will be a fun, friendly tourney. To sign up just give me a holler. If you have any questions just ask away.

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    Default Re: Tying night/tourney

    Sounds like a good time.

    When you say your shop in Sparks do you mean fly shop? If so I didnt know there was one over there!

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    Default Re: Tying night/tourney

    No not a fly shop unfortunately. I call my place of work my shop. I have a classroom there that can fit about 20 tyers. The closest thing to a fly shop around here are big box stores like cabelas and Scheels.

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    Would you please let me know when and where your next fly tying get together will be.

    Thank You

    How did the tying night and fishing tournament go?

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