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  1. Default Any Northern NV folk?

    New to this forum and just curious if there's many other people in my area?

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    Default Re: Any Northern NV folk?

    There's more than a few from the Reno area that post often.

  3. Default Re: Any Northern NV folk?

    Yeah I was wondering if anyone was more north than that. I'm 200 miles north of Reno. 30 miles south of the Oregon border. I fish a lot of the reservoirs and small streams up here. I'm one of the very few fly fishers I know of in the area besides some friends around elko which is way east of me. Just curious to see who might chime in.

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    Default Re: Any Northern NV folk?

    amertens....think there are several people from your area on the forum....

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    Default Re: Any Northern NV folk?

    Are you up by Denio? There are a few of us in Reno and Sparks but not too many that far up I don't think. Welcome!

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    Kind of yeah. Denio is about an hour away but the junction where you turn off of highway 95 onto 140 towards denio is 12 miles south of my house. I'm in the bustling metropolis of Orovada. When I lived in Reno there was an old timer down at the Gilly that I always talked to and he said him and his buddies loved coming this way to fish knot creek.... Man I miss The Gilly......

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    Default Re: Any Northern NV folk?

    I'm in cold springs, 20 miles north of Reno, I do a lot of fishing at Davis and Frenchman's and have fished antelope, haven't gone much further north than that though I have been talking to a neighbor about Hat Creek lately.

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    Default Re: Any Northern NV folk?

    You must have talked with Jerry. He's a pretty cool guy. Haven't spoken to him since they closed. I might be heading out to knott creek in a few weeks.

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    Jerry sounds right, ex military guy. He always set me up and helped me with my casting out back. I somehow just found out about Catnip reservoir so I think I'm going to try that and avoid the crowd at Knott creek on opening weekend. If you want a little side trip swing into Bilk creek reservoir on your way out to Knott. I have been hammering the trout out there, sometimes 50+ a day, all 12-16 inch range. No monsters but consistent all day long.

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