In late March, my wife and I are flying out to Palm Springs for a family reunion. After the reunion, we plan to fly somewhere in Idaho. There we plan to rent a car and sightsee and meander over to Bend, OR. Then we will eventually make it up to Portland.

My question is this? Where in Idaho can I get my wife to fall in love with the state? I visited Boise years ago and thought that I would eventually like to retire up around there. I would like to fish on small streams and rivers, but I am sure my wife has some more criteria.

In addition to this vacation, we are toying the idea of moving eventually to either Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming or Oregon. She wants 4 seasons (but not crazy -20 F cold), mountain views with some trees. I would like to have a small place with some river frontage so I could fly fish for trout and maybe the occasional salmon. We would like to see the sun some days.

Here in Texas, it is getting way too crowded and due to the droughts, I worry that there won't be enough water in 20 years. The lake I live on has been 50 feet low for a couple of years now.

The western United States seems to have a lot to offer. But I haven't traveled much in the region. So for this first trip up to Idaho and Oregon, I am going to need to knock the wife's socks off with a few scenic spots.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.