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Thread: provo, weber

  1. Default provo, weber

    anybody fishing these two lately?
    i am thinking of hitting either weber or the middle this weekend
    anybody know how they are doing with the run-off?
    is weber at flood stage?
    mybe i will hit jordanelle instead and get the toon out for its
    first run

  2. Default Re: provo, weber

    I don't know about the weber as it usually is chocolate milk when high but I have heard that the provo is still very fishable though high. Try some sanjuans and larger bright colored nymphs and scuds.

    Good luck.
    All Means All

  3. Default Re: provo, weber

    thanks curtis
    have you been up to the upper yet? or is the snow still too high?

  4. Default Re: provo, weber

    I was thinking of hitting it until this last stom put another two feet on the ground up high. I think it will be another three or four weeks until that water is going good as it is freestone. I am itching like a heroine addict!!!
    All Means All

  5. Default Re: provo, weber

    well the weber was worthless.
    thick,deep and fast.
    alot of herons, and cranes. a couple of deer as well so
    at lest it wasn't a complete waste.

  6. Default Re: provo, weber

    Those are the days you just have to look around and appreciate the outdoors, not the fishing. Practice some casting and see the wildlife. Hey, the worst day fishing is still better then the best day of work, right??
    All Means All

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