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    Default Yellowstone River, UTAH - 08/09/2014

    Couple of us took our shot at the Grand Slam on Saturday - brook/brown/rainbow/cutthroat... same day, same river. Our destination was the Yellowstone River flowing off the south slope of the Uinta Mountains north of Duchesne, UT.

    Big bummer though... after (finally) arriving at the Reservoir Campground area, I found that I left my camera back at home!

    We started out just above the reservoir around 9:30a, fished upstream and then back to the mouth at the reservoir. One of my buddies and I nailed down 75% of the "slam" landing cutt's, 'bows, and brookies, but neither of us ever did find that elusive brown to complete the task. I caught a few on Stimulators, but most came on swinging a Partridge & Orange soft hackle. My buddy was using a #12 Royal Wulff and just knocking the stuffing out of them. Nothing huge, topping out around 11-12 inches, but fantastically beautiful fish... each one forcing me to kick myself harder for leaving the camera behind.

    After a lunch break we fished downstream of the dam for about two hours. Wading is much tougher in this area... basically walking on loosely stacked, slimy bowling balls. But the fish are there and we both landed a few.

    After that is was on the road again for the 3-hour drive back to the Salt Lake Valley. This area is wild and wonderful, and the fish are equally as so. Unfortunately the portion of the dirt road that crosses the Reservation Lands is probably the worst road I have ever driven on without bailing out and turning around... just had too much time invested in this trip at this point. So if you go, and you haven't been there before, be prepared for the last 45 minutes of the drive to be extremely slow, crazy bumpy and shifty, and God help you if it rains hard. Unfortunately for me, given the distance from home, that road access is a deal-breaker and I don't see myself ever returning... which makes me hate myself even more for not having the camera!

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: Yellowstone River, UTAH - 08/09/2014

    Joe: Congrats on a great trip, too bad about the camera. That road sounds awful, not sure I would want to go there.

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