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    Default Small Streams in the Uintas

    I got a chance to visit several small streams on the north side of the Uintas this summer. What a beautiful range of mountains. I don't think that there is an ugly place anywhere in the whole range.

    I caught a lot of fish, but not a lot of big fish. I wasn't after big fish, just beautiful little cutthroats and a few brookies. There aren't many fish prettier than those, so forgive me if I overload you with pictures.

    The streams weren't large even though this was a good water year and they are at their best.

    The fish were mostly on the small side with the average at 8 to 12 inches, but eager to take a dry fly.

    Some of the colors on them were beautiful subtle shades of pink and orange. Unfortunately the camera seems to wash a lot of the color out.

    The streams were equally amazing.

    It is just sad to see all of the beetle killed trees on the hillsides. I am surprised that it hasn't all burned. I think the only thing saving it is the heavy rains it seems to receive on a regular basis.

    They do muddy up the water though.

    But the fish don't seem to mind all that much. They still hit the drys.

    At the end of the day, all I can say is that this summer has been an amazing adventure, and I am glad that part of it was in the Uintas.


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    Default Re: Small Streams in the Uintas

    Beautiful cutthroats...your streams look like a beautiful place to chase trout. Got to love small stream fishing!!!
    MIKE ADAIR - Exploring New Mexico landscapes through fly fishing, golf, and art.

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    Default Re: Small Streams in the Uintas

    Great stuff, that's my kind of fishing. I don't chase the big ones often, I chase the scenery and solitude along with pretty little fish
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    Default Re: Small Streams in the Uintas

    That's a part of the world I've always been curious about- thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Small Streams in the Uintas

    That sure is beautiful country, thanks for sharing all the awesome photos!

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