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  1. Default Arizona in March?

    Im going to arizona in march and Im wondering if it will be worth it to fish. Is there any trout that time year and what is the weather usually like?

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    Default Re: Arizona in March?

    I was there a year and a half ago in late April. I was in Show Low and it was snowing. Did Silver Creek and later went to the Little Colorado- still snowing. March...should be okay (I think).

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    Default Re: Arizona in March?

    It's going to depend a bit. If you just want a chance at some stockers, there's the Salt River, and in March the air temp will probably be in the 60s to low 70s.

    If we get any decent snowpack up north, the Agua Fria River might be running in March, which means stripers, white bass, hybrids, and carp are possible. Same temps.

    After that, it gets a bit dicey. Most of the lakes and streams on the Mogollon Rim will likely either be frozen or going through early run-off (high, muddy water). Unless we have a very mild winter like two years ago.

    Without being able to use my psychic powers to see the future (they're in the shop for repairs), my best advice is Lee's Ferry, Silver Creek and the Salt River. None of those freeze and there's always some fish in them. If we have a mild winter then you'll have at least a dozen other options in March.
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