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    Well I am tired of my mustad hooks bending with hardly any pressure on them. Alot of the time just on the hook up and it really gets old. Plus I am going through alot of flies. Well if you know of a stronger hook that would be awesome. Thanks.

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    Default Re: best hooks for tying

    I started out tying with Mustad hooks in the 80's and switched out to Tiemco primarily because back then the Mustad hooks all needed sharpening before use and the Tiemco come razor sharp. I don't recall having a bending issue with the Mustad hooks but it has been a long time since I used one.


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    My two Fav's are the Partridge for singles and the Salar's for doubles.
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    I'm into partridge, and Tiemco, and a few Gamakatsu (SP?). Once you see a micro photo of a Mustad point, it's easy to convert.

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    Thanks all, where is the best place to get these hooks? I am most likely going to make the switch because their smaller hooks are weak and the larger hooks I am just not happy with. Hope these hooks help with the bending hooks and also for more hook ups on missed fish. Thanks

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