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  1. Default Good Morning From Park City

    Another perfect day in Park City, Utah. A little stiff from standing for 5 hours in the Provo River yesterday but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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    Welcome from Ogden. How is the conditions on the Provo? There are a few of us from Utah here on the Forum.


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    Default Re: Good Morning From Park City

    Hi Utchef,

    Welcome to the forum. We do have several members from Utah and the surrounding states. Are you a long time fly fisher?


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    Hello, fishing on the Provo (middle) is always good this time of year. I got up early and went to the Weber near Wanship before worke today. I guess I've been fly fishing for about the last 6 or 7 years and still have alot to learn.

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    Right back at ya from Millcreek. I am stiff from hiking in and out of Little Cottonwood.

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    Default Re: Good Morning From Park City

    Hello Utchef.
    I'm not sore at all! Good to meet ya.

    Another fellow 'Utahn' from Plain City(N/W of Ogden) here, and welcome to the forum.

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    Just what I was hoping to find, some Utah flyfishermen.

    Wyoming was great and we're looking towards next spring, so I am bothering you guys early.

    We're looking for a remote hike, streams and lakes, similar to the one we did in the Winds in Wymoming.

    So are it looks like the High Utinas. My only problem is while they seem to have some high mountain lakes, not having much luck with rivers.

    We're also looking at this area for a spring trip, maybe late April.

    You thoughts would be apprecaited, as always.

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    My father has a cabin on the north fork of the duchenne(? sp) river. Not large fish but alot of browns. I would suggest that one.


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    Uinta's have 1,000's of lakes and rivers. Some of the less fished (little harder to get tos) have some nice fish! Brookies in the 15" range, maybe bigger. And the Albinos are fun.
    Stay in touch on these trips, maybe we can come up with a NAFF trip out of it.
    I know the snow levels are brutal in the Uinta's early spring, specially this last one.
    If you Tube/toon it, we got a get together planned for Strawberry on the 12th of this month.

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    A NAFF trip would be pretty interesting.

    Sounds like late April might be a bit early for the Unitas.

    We need to go as early as can. We are doing Alaska the last half of July and Wyoming again the first part of September, Salmon fishing Michigan in Oct.

    Maybe Arizona.......I was kind of looking at the White Mountains in Arizona, but am also looking at Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky.

    It's been pretty difficult, Wyoming is a tough act to follow.

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